Monday, May 25, 2015

Leftovers to Lunch: Vegetarian Soft Tacos

I had plenty of ingredients left over from our vegetarian soft taco dinner the night before, so packed some up for lunch the next day! You can check out the dinner version I posted on Instagram!

Soft Tacos for Mama
Leftover fried corn tortillas, cumin-paprika beans, leftover homemade salsa
Wednesday, 9/3/14 - I prefer my "soft" tacos a little crunchy, so instead of steaming the tortillas, I fried them up a bit in a pan. Yum! They aren't as good the next day, as they get a little stiff and chewy. But the leftover fillings helped soften them nicely.

The beans had been heated in a frying pan with some cumin and paprika... I added just a hint of cumin for the ones I gave the girls at dinner the night before, and added more seasoning for Hubby and myself after pulling theirs out.

The salsa is made from roasted poblano peppers, onion, and green tomatoes (that had turned red... oops!) I didn't pack any goat cheese for mine, since I preferred them without at dinner.

DIY "Quesadilla" for Z
Leftover fried corn tortilla, organic strawberries, goat milk Gouda, olives, Vegan Spinach Ricotta, organic carrots
The girls generally don't like Mama's "all mixed-up" food, so I tend to serve the meal elements separately for them when I can. Z ate her beans for dinner the night before, but wanted cheese and olives on her tortillas. She likes it that way, so I tried them again for school lunch. Like a DIY Pizzable, but without the sauce!

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Leftover Beans for the Toddler
Van's GF Everything crackers, leftover cumin beans, Vegan Spinach Ricotta; organic carrots, apples, grapes
E hadn't been a fan of the tortillas or cheese at dinner, so for lunch I packed crackers instead. I gave both girls some dairy-free spinach ricotta I had made for a noodle dish earlier, in the hopes that they'd make a nice dip for their veggies. Newp. Mama enjoyed it though!

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