Thursday, May 28, 2015

Leftovers to Lunch: Chicken Strip-Kebabs

Leftover chicken skewers are one of my favorite lunch ideas from my MOMables subscription. Both girls like them okay, although no one is clamoring for me to pack them again and again and again. But they're suuuuuper easy for me! I don't have to think really hard, or make anything special in advance. And with cute picks and skewers, I can make them fun with zero extra effort! Win!

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Leftovers for a First Grade Lunch
Leftover chicken skewers (GF Ian's chicken strips, olives, goat cheddar,) olives, organic grapes and salted cucumber
9/10/14 - Since Yumbox sent me the new Yumbox Panino* (for free!) it was the perfect box for this lunch. The little treat compartment works great for just a few olives, and the whole box is water-tight, so no worries about the olives or cucumbers leaking into other compartments.

I made mini skewers using some cute animal picks, rather than trying to thread these onto one or two longer picks. The goat cheddar is very brittle, and I needed very thin skewers if I wanted any chance of the cheese cubes not just splitting in half. Nailed it!

*red Yumbox no longer available

Leftovers for Little Sis
Leftover chicken skewers (GF Ian's chicken strips, olives, goat cheddar,) organic salted cucumber and grapes
I used some wider animal face picks for my toddler for safety reasons, but they did end up splitting the cheese, as you can see on the left. Oh well. Still tasty!

She wasn't as keen on cucumber slices, so I tried making them more fun with a flower veggie cutter. Which totally worked! She ate a few! Yay!

Tools of the Trade

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