Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mommy & Me Movie Snacks

It's been almost a year, but I think Z and I were heading to see the Sensory Friendly Films showing of How to Train Your Dragon 2 with these safe movie snacks. Since we can't have artificial food colors, gluten, or dairy, there's almost nothing we can eat at most movie theatres! Luckily the Sensory Friendly showings allow you to bring your own eats, since many kids on the spectrum have dietary restrictions. I bring my own dye-free drink flavor enhancers (like Stur, Flavrz, and EmergenC Kidz) and then buy bottled water at the venue.

Movie Snacks for Little Z...
Organic cinnamon-sugar popcorn, salt and yeast popcorn, Justin's Dark PB Cup, dairy-free Cocomels,
dye-free TruJoy fruit chews, organic carrots and apricot, dye-free lollipop
Before heading to a movie, I toss some organic popcorn into a paper lunch sack and microwave it like I would a chemical-filled microwave popcorn bag. Just as convenient, without all the crap! Z couldn't decide between "cheezy" (yeast and salt) or cinnamon, so I made hers half and half!

For her treaties, I let her have one of my Cocomels (I rarely share! Caramel is my favorite, and it's hard to find dairy-free ones!) plus a Justin's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup (dairy-free and no artificial flavors, like all the common chocolate brands have,) and a dye-free version of Starbursts. Yum!
Z didn't end up liking the apricot, so she traded for my apples.

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And Me!
Organic cinnamon-sugar popcorn, Cocomels, Justin's Dark PB Cup, organic apples and apricot,
Eli's Treasure Bar, dairy-free chocolate lollipop
I usually take my popcorn with just salt, but decided to try cinnamon sugar this time. I must have had a major sweet tooth with that plus all the extra candy I packed! More Cocomels and a Justin's PB cup for me, plus a safe version of Snickers by Eli's Earth Bars from Sjaak's. No gluten, no dairy, and no fake flavors! I also had a chocolate bunny pop left over from my VeganTreats Easter basket. It's a big splurge, but they make a gluten-free basket with goodies like dye-free creme eggs and Twix-type bars. I'm worth it!

Tools of the Trade

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