Saturday, May 16, 2015

Leftover Tostada Picnic!

The night before, we had eaten yummy bean and slaw tostadas from that week's Plated box for dinner. I packed the leftovers up for a picnic in the park, to eat while we watched a magic show sponsored by the Parks Department.They were still tasty served cold!

Tostadas Z-Style
Z's lunch: Olives, goat cheddar, fried corn tortillas, organic carrots and raspberries
7/16/14 - Z doesn't like beans or all the other yummy fillings Mama puts in tortillas, but she will eat cheese and olives. So that's what I packed! Not a lot more work for me, and at dinner she ate her beans (and tried the slaw) when they were served separately on her plate. Worth grating some cheese and opening a can of olives, to get her to try expanding her culinary horizons a bit!

She was a big fan of this lunch, and ate pretty much every bite!
[And yes, I'm aware of her W-position when seated here. Her OT is on it!]

Leftovers Toddler Sampler Platter
Organic carrots, olives, leftover chicken and beans, leftover slaw, organic raspberries
E had eaten the beans and slaw at dinner, but wasn't interested in the tortilla, so I packed her a little of everything else in a sort of nibble-tray. Yum!

Leftovers for Mama
Organic blueberries, fried corn tortillas, leftover beans, leftover slaw 
I enjoyed the beans and slaw, but preferred them without cheese, so I didn't pack any cheese for myself. I did add some blueberries. Usually berries are so expensive I save them for the girls and only get to eat some when they're starting to wrinkle up or get mushy. But we had a bounty of berries from our weekly organic farm share, so Mama got some blueberries! Yay!

I can't remember what the slaw was made of. Cabbage, cilantro, and maybe radish or beet? Plus something acidic, probably vinegar. It was quite a tasty combo with the cumin-seasoned beans.

Tools of the Trade
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We had such a great time at the park that day! Z likes playing in water, but hates being splashed or sprayed, so she generally doesn't enjoy the local spray parks. But the park we were at for the magic show is pretty much just a courtyard, a little grass, and a water play area. I was so proud of her, wanting to give it a try, and then going in slowly, and building up her tolerance. By the time we left, she was standing directly in the taller sprays! This was an amazingly huge step for her! And she had so much fun! (Little Sis and I sat in the shade under a tree nearby instead.)
She didn't even whine about being wet and chilly, or about her clothes feeling funny on the walk back to the car. (I ALWAYS have spare outfits and a towel in the car!) For anyone with a kiddo on the sensory spectrum, you know how amazing it can be when they go outside their normal comfort zone and thrive!

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