Saturday, February 8, 2014

Leftover Macaroni Push-Pop (and Fairy Popcorn!)

Monday, 12/9/13 - I got some empty push pop containers on clearance and thought of a creative way to use them in a lunch - Macaroni Push Pop!

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Kindergarten Lunch
"Fairy Popcorn," organic raspberries, organic kale chips, GF mac-n-cheese, mini marshmallows and gummy heart
It was a close one, but I got the push pop to fit in a Laptop Lunchbox. Luckily she has a small appetite! I'd need the yubo to fit one holding more macaroni!

One of the fun thing I discovered when going gluten-free is "fairy popcorn!" I had some organic Amaranth grains on-hand (to grind into flour as needed) and popped it using this method. I sprinkled on a little too much seasoned salt, but it was still delicious!

Toddler Randomness
GF PBJ, "fairy popcorn," vegetarian marshmallows; organic raspberries, tomatoes, snap peas
Little E's lunch tried to be Christmassy. But the Santa cookie stamper didn't do a great job at imprinting the face, and I didn't have time to take nice photos. But I did have time to add a winter hat cupcake topper to keep it festive!

Tools of the Trade

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