Friday, February 7, 2014

The Last Unicorn

Wednesday, 11/27/13 - I packed Z a small lunch for the last day of school before Thanksgiving because her morning Kindergarten was having their Fall Feast party and I didn't think she'd have much of an appetite after.

One of my favorite movies growing up was The Last Unicorn by Rankin/Bass. Well. We didn't have a huge selection on VHS. We pretty much had that and Annie. I never really understood the movie, and when I was older and read the book, still walked away confused. So just the unicorn for Z. None of the weird boobie trees or fiery phallic bulls.

GF PBJ, organic carrots and apples
 Just a unicorn cookie cutter on some gluten-free bread. Done.

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I usually use a larger bag that holds an EasyLunchbox and her Lalaloopsy Funtainer Thermos. It's perfect for her lunches, but not cute. So whenever I use smaller boxes like the Lunchbots Duo, I try and use her soft Lalaloopsy lunchbox, which she loves. Little Sis was crazy jealous. 

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