Monday, February 24, 2014

MOMables Monday - Pizza Dippers and Chocolate-Dipped Oranges!

Monday, 1/6/14 - We had gluten-free pizza left over from my nephew's birthday party over the weekend, so I made the girls Leftover Pizza Dippers! I also made some MOMables Chocolate-Dipped Oranges at his Chocolate Dipping Party, so saved some to use in these lunches.

Lunch for my Big Dipper
Leftover GF pizza, dairy-free Ranch, organic sugar snap peas, chocolate-dipped orange slices
Z loves leftover pizza, especially when I include Ranch dressing too. (Dairy-free.)

Lunch for my Little Dipper
Organic sugar snap peas and tomatoes, chocolate-dipped orange slices, leftover GF pizza
Since Domino's doesn't have a non-dairy cheese alternative, I order E's half without cheese. This one is spinach and olives, and I added some vegan cheese shreds on top of the leftovers and broiled them for a few minutes.

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