Wednesday, February 19, 2014

CuteZCute Animal Palz Toasted Cheese Animal-wiches

Monday, 1/27/14 - We only had a half-day at school this day, because of some teacher thing, so I scheduled an appointment for Z in the afternoon. We needed packed lunches to eat in between, since we wouldn't have time to go home and eat first. So I whipped up some cute toasted cheese sandwiches!

CuteZKindergartener Lunch
GF toasted goat cheese sandwiches, chocolate chip marshmallows, frozen organic peas, organic raspberries
I managed to make one decent imprint using the CuteZCute Animal Palz panda stamp before Little Sis decided she wanted to help me. But she was pleased with her results, so it was worth it to let her help!

We cut and imprinted the bread before adding the goat cheese and spreading on some non-dairy butter and toasting them up in the oven on Broil for a few minutes on each side.

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CuteZToddler Lunch
GF toasted goat cheese sandwich, chocolate chip marshmallow, frozen organic peas, organic raspberries
Because I was able to pack lunches while Z was at school in the morning, the sandwiches were still warm at lunch time, and the peas were still frozen - just the way they like them!

The marshmallows are all-natural gluten-free/dairy-free artisan marshmallows I ordered online from Plush Puffs before the winter holidays. They sell the rough "odds and ends" left over from cutting perfect marshmallow squares by the pound ($7-9 per pound of the odds and ends versus $6/4 oz or $13/lb!) *cough* I may have purchased a few pounds in various flavors... *cough*

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