Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Leftovers to Lunch: Pulled Pork Buns

Wednesday, 12/4/13 - There's a Hawaiian BBQ near Little Gym that Hubby and the girls love. So I took some of the leftover pulled pork and made some mini po' boys!

Kindergarten Lunch
GF bun w/leftover pulled pork, strawberry applesauce, chocolate coconut yogurt, homemade organic pickles
I had some gluten-free Udi's dinner rolls left over from Thanksgiving, so I toasted them in the oven (broiled a few minutes on each side) and sprinkled some garlic salt on the insides. Then filled them with some leftover pulled pork!

We were low on fresh fruits and veggies, so I included a "squeezy fruit" pouch and some home-made fridge pickles (I basically followed this recipe, but skipped all the spices and herbs other than the garlic, dill, sugar, and salt.) And I had half of a chocolate cultured coconut milk (yogurt) cup left from Baby's breakfast, so Z got that as a yummy treat!

Toddler Lunch
GF bun w/leftover pulled pork, Naturebox Ranch Peas, organic grapes, homemade organic pickles
Little E got the same sandwich as Big Sis, and some fridge pickles too, but she got pickled lemon cucumbers instead of regular ones. Just for fun. (Lemon cucumbers are yellow and round, and generally not used for pickling. But I'm a rebel. And they don't taste like lemons.)

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