Tuesday, February 4, 2014

CuteZCute Baby Bento Buddy Lunch

I couldn't resist getting a CuteZCute Baby Bento Buddies Baby Owl 2-tier bento box. It's a bit small, but is still perfectly sized to hold food cut with the CuteZCute Sandwich Cutter! And just fine for a Kindergarten lunch!

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Glutino Peppermint Yogurt-Covered Pretzels, GF/DF english muffin green olive pizza; organic apples, carrots, grapes
Tuesday, 12/3/13 - As you can see, the compartments are only a little larger than a muffin cup. I had an extra gluten-free english muffin pizza (with dairy-free cheese) and it fit perfectly in this little bento box!

Even though the bowl lid isn't really a third tier, there is a little space between the rounded inner lid and the bowl/outer lid, which is the perfect place to house a little treat.

I remembered to include a heart in this lunch by adding a heart pick in with the grapes.

Tools of the Trade
cuteZcute 2-tier Bento Lunch Box Set Baby Bento Buddies - Baby Night Owl  Product Details


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