Sunday, August 25, 2013

Summer Theatre Camp Snacks!

Monday July 29 through Friday August 2, 2013
Z had a week-long Beauty and the Beast Theatre Summer Camp, and it was her very first time at a drama-type camp. She hated it. "They make you stand there and listen to the same songs over and over, and just do the same stuff over and over. It's boring." Haha! Yeah. But she went. And she didn't refuse to participate in the "show" at the end. (The troupe had a "real" version of the musical they were performing at night. The actors helped out at the camp, and the principal characters played themselves during the end performance. The kids just sang and "danced" (I use the term very loosely) to a few of the songs. 

Organic sugar snap peas and strawberries, popcorn
The popcorn is some kind of kettle corn I got in one of my monthly foodie boxes. Can't remember the brand though. But it was tasty!

What's that? No Tuesday? Hehe. Yeah. I'd forgotten snack that day, so we had to rummage through the pre-packaged stuff in the car until we found something acceptable. Sweet Potato POPchips, I think, and a Plum Organics squeezy pouch.

GF pretzel rings, organic carrots and cherries
And because I had flubbed snack the day before, I made sure to tuck a Lunchbox Love note in with this day's snack. To remind her how much she means to me!

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GF pretzel rings, Annie's Cheddar Bunnies (NOT GF,) organic strawberries
The Cheddar Bunnies are gluten-y, since they don't make gluten-free ones. *sigh* This was during our gluten-trial with her, to see if she still had digestive issues with gluten like her sister and I do. She doesn't. She has behavioral reactions instead, apparently. Yikes!

Organic sugar snap peas and strawberries, Naturebox Ranch Peas
Both my girls love the Naturebox Ranch Peas, and while they're still a "treat," these are a way to sneak in more guaranteed-to-be-eaten veggies!

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  1. They all look tasty! I am intrigued by ranch peas, not being a big pea fan myself.

  2. I always love seeing your snack box line ups.. love the variety! Yum!


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