Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Turtle Time!

Simple turtle themed bento school lunch
Thursday, 5/30/13 - A quick and simple turtle-themed lunch for Little Z to go with my turtle-y Lunchbox Love note!

String cheese nibblets, The Good Bean Cinnamon Sugar chickpeas, GF PBJ, organic sugar snap peas and apples
I call this a "pick-ography" lunch because I made it fancy using just gear, rather than artistry! Most of the accessories I used are hard to find or no longer available, but you can find turtle picks and turtle cupcake picks from allthingsforsale. The turtle baking cup might be found on eBay, but otherwise are only available in Christmas Tree Shop stores. In-store. Bleah. Hope you have a friend who lives near one to send you some, like I do!

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Also, I received a sampler of products from The Good Bean to enjoy, and I've received assorted Lunchbox Love notes for free. But I've purchased way more on my own!]

To keep the cheese and Good Beans from rattling around in the EasyLunchbox, I packed a cloth napkin from Red Poppy Crafts in between to fill the space. As an added bonus, it keeps the Lunchbox Love note from getting soggy, so I can save it and use it again another time!

Tools of the Trade
     Red Poppy Napkins Biting the Hand


  1. So cute, but I'm going to tattle on a guilty pleasure of mine! EVERY time I hear "turtle time", I think of The Real Housewives! Anyone else?!?

  2. Just found your blog off the Washington Bloggy moms! So glad I did, super fun ideas for my 3 year olds lunch box. Can't wait to read more :)


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