Sunday, August 4, 2013

A "Stitch" in Time... Summer Camp Snacks

I'd been itching to use these wonderful Stitch bento items sent from a friend in Japan, but haven't been up to making any charaben (character bento) lately. I finally just decided to do some "pickography" and make the snack for Z's last day of VBS camp extra special. ("Pickography" is my term for just using gear like picks and shaped cups and such instead of artistic skill and actual effort.) Since she had a Little Gym camp right after an hour lunch break (which we ate picnicking with some others from VBS,) I made a Stitch snack for gym camp too! 

Friday, 7/19/13
Enjoy Life Gingerbread cookie, organic snow peas and raspberries
All Enjoy Life products are free from the Top 8 Allergens, which includes nuts, peanuts, eggs, and dairy - plus free from gluten as well. And I happened to have stocked up on these soft gingerbread cookies when Amazon had a warehouse deal... so I need to remember to use them up! But since I'm stingy with treats - I usually limit to a mini muffin cup-sized amount - it's slow going!

Snack for Little Gym Camp
Annie's Cheddar Bunnies (not GF;) organic apples, carrots, and Ranch (in sauce cup)
Since Z seems to be fine on at least a little gluten each day, as far as digestive issues go, I'm letting her eat gluten foods again, at least when her little sister isn't around to notice! I'm on the fence though, as to whether her behavior changes when eating gluten... Her horrid piggy squeal and bossy jerkiness has come back, but I'm not 100% sure when that had improved, or if it's just a reaction to the irregular Summer schedule and making her go to camp when she'd rather be home playing Scribblenauts on Dadda's computer!

You'll want to troll eBay if you're looking for Stitch or other Disney character bento gear. But be careful - it adds up FAST!

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