Sunday, August 11, 2013

Little Gym Summer Camp Snackerels

Most of Z's summer camps lasted a whole week. But we tacked on a few 1-day camps at Little Gym for the weeks with nothing else, or for the themes she was really excited about. Here are some snacks from a few "one-off" camp days.

Monday, 7/22/13
Naturebox Almond Blueberry Bites, organic sugar snap peas and cherries
Each week has a different theme at Little Gym. This week was "Lights, Camera, Action!" theme (or "actress camp," as we called it!)
I did my best to pack nutless for camps, since unlike a classroom, I have no idea if anyone else there will have allergies. But these Naturebox Bites fool me every time! I'm always forgetting they have nuts, even though it's right there in the name! I've gone through the rest of my pantry and marked an "N" on anything with nuts in it, to remind me not to send it to their nut-free schools. But since we get a new batch of Naturebox snacks each month, and go through them so fast, I forget to mark these as well. DOH!

I got these Kiki's Delivery Service nesting bento boxes sent from a friend in Japan. Boo-yaw! We are big Studio Ghibli fans here!

Thursday, 7/25/13
Organic strawberries and sugar snap peas, Kay's Naturals GF Protein Pretzels Cinnamon Toast flavor
Another camp during "actress week!" Fun stuff.

This yellow panda snack box came in a set of 4 nesting boxes, also sent from Japan.

Thursday, 8/1/13
PopChips Sour Cream and Onion, organic champagne grapes ("baby grapes") and cherries
Z only had one day of camp at Little Gym this week because she had drama camp in the mornings all week. I figured that would be active and exhausting enough, and another physical camp on top of that would just be too much. But it was Animal Kingdom week at the further-away Little Gym - where they have someone bring live animals to camp each day! Hello! Her absolute favorite the last two summers.

Since Baby E had her very first dentist appointment that afternoon, I opted to let Big Sis have some tiring fun... instead of vying for the chair to see the TV better, or wanting the stuffed animal they have for hugging, etc. (Don't worry. Baby was just going in to become more comfortable at the dentist's, and to see how much she'd let them get away with. We weren't going in for a dental issue at all. The dentist (but not the assistant) got to count her teeth, but only with me holding her down. That was pretty much all she would tolerate. And the dentist only got to see them after E started wailing! Poor baby. But she is still toting around the little bouncy ball she chose as her prize from their vending machine!)

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