Saturday, August 17, 2013

Flower Girls


Wednesday, 5/29/13 - Just a simple Spring flower theme for my girls.

Butterfly Garden for Big Sis
Gluten-free turkey and cheese sandwich, gluten-free pretzels, organic strawberries and carrots
The silicone flower cup and butterfly cup are the stars of this simple lunch. I used a large flower cookie cutter for the sandwich (I cut each piece separately, to get cleaner edges - plus then I can save the crusts for Bento Scraps and Heels French Toast Casserole!)
flower veggie cutter helped make the carrots fun, and I stuck a flower/face pick in to jazz up the strawberries.

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Simple Flowers for Little Sis
Cheese cubes, uncured turkey scraps, GF Van's Everything crackers, organic peas, tomatoes, and strawberries 
Baby's isn't as fancy, but she was still happy with her "Cracker Stackers"-style lunch and wrinkly tomatoes (they're easier for her to eat when they start going soft.)

Tools of the Trade

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