Friday, August 23, 2013

Leftovers to Lunch - Veggie Burger Kabobs!

Tuesday, 6/11/13 - We'd had veggie burgers for dinner the night before - the only ones I've found without gluten. Can't remember the brand though! (What? You thought I'd made burgers from scratch? Ha!)
The gluten-free buns are from a local bakery that delivers to the farm stand we go to. There were four burgers and only 3 of us eating them (Hubby ate something meaty,) so we had some left over. Plus neither girl finished their whole burger.

Lunch for the Preschooler
Leftover veggie burger w/GF bun and ketchup, Justin's Dark PB cup, edamame, organic apples
I cut the leftover extra burger and stuck the hunks onto long heart skewers - after slathering the inside of the bun with ketchup, or course!

Lunch for the Toddler
Leftover veggie burger w/GF bun and ketchup, mini PB cups, edamame, organic apples
For Baby E, I took the leftovers from their plates and cut them into squares...ish. They're skewered on drink stir thingies from Starbucks. No points, and flexible so they're hard to break.

I waffled a bit, but finally decided to put some edamame on a thin heart pick for her too. This was the first time for baby with a pick that she could easily snap in half. Plus these have sharp points. So I was extra vigilant while she ate.

Tools of the Trade
 Food Decorating Pick Long Pix Stix Assorted   


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