Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mummy Luvs U - FunBites Giveaway (Ended)

I had a fun idea earlier this year to make a mummy using the FunBites Luv It cutter's triangle shapes, so I made sure I squeezed it into my "busy" Halloween schedule! 
Isn't she cuuuuute? 

Mummy Luvs U
Cheese quesadilla, home-made ketchup, Colby Jack cheese,
chocolate-covered strawberries, carrots, green beans, Ranch
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Mummy Loves Chocolate!: Since we had just received our October Savorfull box, and it contained an Enjoy Life dark chocolate bar (made in a dedicated Top 8 Allergen-free facility!) I melted it down and dipped some organic strawberries as a fun "I love you" treat.
(Use code BITINGMYHAND for $1 off 1 month, $9 off 6 months, or $20 off a 1-year Savorfull allergy-friendly, all-natural, monthly food sampler box subscription!)
I tucked a fun mummy ring cupcake topper in with, to go with the theme, and because she's been begging to play with all the cupcake rings I just got.

Mummy {Hearts} Veggies!: I used one of the heart sections to cut heart-shaped carrots out of organic orange and yellow carrot coins. There are some cut green beans hiding underneath. The white stuff in the mini silicone heart cup is Ranch to dip.

Mummy {Hearts} U: I wasn't sure if a single tortilla would make enough parts, so I made a "sandwich" out of two with cheese in between and broiled for a few minutes on each side. I let it cool a bit before cutting, so that the cheese wouldn't bloob out everywhere (see grilled cheese sandwich below. *cough*)
As you can see, I used a half-circle for the top of the head, and stacked long triangles for the body and arms. Since you only get two long triangles per cut, I had to do it a few times. I was able to place the cutter so that much of it was off the quesadilla, so I wasn't having to cut out all the shapes again every time.
Two smaller triangles for the feet, and I stacked some more, placed together to make squares, underneath the body, since I wanted to make sure she'd have enough food.
I used a dried currant for the eye.

I cut the letters out of some more cheese, using some mini alphabet cutters. I wasn't sure if she'd want to dip her quesadilla, so I offered some homemade ketchup in a mini heart cup, even though she claims not to like my "new" ketchup. *sigh*
I made this to eat at home, and maybe in the car after she'd worked on it a bit first. But since I'd be carrying it, I wasn't worried about stuff getting jumbled or spilled. If you were packing this for school, you could use cream cheese to glue the pieces down (or maybe sprinkle grated cheese under and microwave it until melted, but I've never tried that, so no promises.) Instead of the open heart cups, I would have used my Dollar Tree heart boxes with lids from their Valentines seasonal stuff.

All the veggie and quesadilla scraps went into Mama's lunch that day! The cheese didn't survive more than a few minutes after being cut. *buuuurp*

After staring at my mummy for a while, I started seeing a square-billed duck-platypus thing. But at 2am the night before, I couldn't think of a way to make it more mummy-like. She was able to identify it right away though. AND she sounded out the cheese words! Good enough for me!

Now you can enter to win a Luv It of your own!
Grilled cheese sandwich, carrots, green beans
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Remember to please only enter with one email account per household, and if you choose like/follow entries, you need to be a current liker/follower at the time of the drawing. Thanks!

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Tools of the Trade:
 Japanese Bento Accessories Ham Cheese Carrot Cutter Set of 28 Letters


  1. The cutest little yummy mummy ever!

  2. Gimme gimme! I need! I need! There's so much you can do with these...I'm currently thinking about a Where's My Water lunch. Pretty sure I could utilize the Fun Bites for that. Thanks, K!

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  9. ooh... gimme gimme... I'm thinking about all the mummy possibilities, not to mention the little frankenstein heads the squares or triangle sets could make... the circles could combine to be pumpkins for halloween, or apples for any time of the year for an apple theme lunch.

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  14. Cute mummy.

    I think you can make a clover with four of the small hearts, probably a house with 5 triangles (4 of them making a square for the walls and one for the roof

  15. I love reading your blog and your lunches are awesome!!


  16. I saw a cute little boat made out of the LuvIt Fun Bites before!

  17. Great ideas - it has been my mission this year to make my children's lunches more interesting! I would love to make butterflies, boats, dinosaur scales, monster teeth - oh the list is endless. How fun.

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  23. I love your blog. I just started following you on FB and just started making Bento Lunches. I ordered the original goodbyes and am waiting for my Yubo. That's all I have and now am waiting to see what else I need to buy....and there's just soooo much!


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