Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bear-y Waffle Bento

Monday, 9/24/12 - No clue why I packed a lunch this day. Err, I mean, I always make a fun, healthy lunch for my child! Even if we're not going anywhere, using a segmented container such as an EasyLunchbox, divided plate, or muffin pan ensures I stretch myself to provide a variety of healthy choices from more of the food groups! I would never EVER just slap a hot dog (uncured, of course) and ketchup on a plate and call it lunch! *cough*
SunButter,/honey/banana Wafflewich, string cheese nibblets, Kale Chips, carrots w/Ranch

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This lunch was actually pretty quick and painless. While the Trader Joe's whole grain toaster waffles were toasting, I sliced some cheese nibblets and carrot flowers (used a V-shaped blade to slice down the sides of the carrot before cutting,) poured Ranch into a mini muffin cup, and added in some Kale Chips.

I knew I wanted to cut the wafflewich, to make it easier to eat, and arranging it in this manner gave me a nice space in the middle for a muffin cup. Usually the silicone bear cups take up too much space, but this time the appendages fit perfectly over the waffles. I chose SunButter and honey mostly because I thought they'd taste good with the banana. And for another fun way to make a nut-free lunch!
To go with the "Mama" bear cup, I stuck a "Baby" bear fork pick in with the cheese.

Easy as pie! Took longer to toast the waffles than it did to assemble the lunch!

She wasn't a fan of the bananas in there. I think I'll stop trying to put fruit in her sandwiches. She hasn't liked any combinations I've tried thus far. And it's not like she doesn't eat enough fruit elsewhere.



  1. adorbs Mama!

    i bought some of those bear cupcake liners for Little Miss' bday - have yet to use them in a bento!

  2. My daughter use to tell me no fruit in my sandwich please. Now she doesn't even want to eat sandwiches. Ugh! I still pack them now and then.

    1. Yeah. I'll occasionally include things I know she won't touch because they look good in the lunch for the photo... I mean in case she feels like trying again. ;)

  3. I love how you styled the waffles around the bear. Very attractive!


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