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All-Natural Preschool Snacks - October, Week 2

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Monday, October 8 through Wednesday, October 10 (I forgot to take a photo of Thursday's. Doh!)

Kale Chips, Apple Straws chips, organic golden raspberries
I used some silicone rose-shaped cups to separate the different foods.
If you haven't yet tried these Apple Straws, you need to find them! I had just bought the bag the day before, and Unka Seesee had come over for dinner. He loved them so much he pretty much ate the whole bag! I had to make him leave enough for her snack!
Sandwich box from either Dollar Tree or Target's Dollar Spot. I forget.

TJ's Mini Cheese Sandwich Crackers, heart-shaped orange and yellow carrots, green beans
I put some mini sandwich crackers in a silicone rose cup for her to try.
The organic carrots were cut into heart shapes using my FunBites Luv It! cutter. Cut green beans tucked underneath.

Clapping March "Picnic" snack box is super cute, and the perfect size for a snack! Mini juice box sold in a 3-pack at Dollar Tree. A little over 4 ounces, so the perfect snack size. I just wish I could find plain milk in that size! (They have chocolate milk ones there, but with artificial flavors. No thanks!)

Sticks and Twigs pretzels, organic strawberries
gluten-free Mary's Gone Crackers Sticks and Twigs Pretzels from our October Savorfull box
(Use code BITINGMYHAND for $1 off 1 month, $9 off 6 months, or $20 off a 1-year Savorfull allergy-friendly, all-natural, monthly food sampler box subscription!)

Heart box from a set of two at Daiso.

Thursday I packed her half an apple cut into slices, a few green beans, and some cheddar Chickadees crackers. I was in a hurry though, and forgot to take a photo. Nuts!
So instead, here's my "breakfast" snack packed to eat during Baby E's class at the co-op preschool Wednesday morning. (I also get "parent snack" brought by one of the other parents. These ladies know how to party! So far it's been a baked good PLUS fruit (usually apples and/or grapes!) Between their snack and mine, I get to breakfast like a queen each week!
SunButter on TJ's graham crackers, green bean chips, organic cherry tomatoes
I chose my Good Bites box because it was roomy enough for a Mama snack! I made myself a few SunButter-graham cracker sandwiches, and also brought some smaller broken crackers for Baby to munch on. Man, are they messssssssyyyyyyy! She got drooly cracker paste ev-er-y-where!

As per usual, once I whipped my snack out, I was surrounded by little podlings, all with their sad little beggy eyes. They are amazingly expressive, despite their inability to talk. I got the message loud and clear. "I want some of that in my gob please!"

Little Z didn't eat as much of my snacks at school this week. She's starting to learn what foods and brands are safe, and is asking the teacher to serve her things from the communal snack that she's interested in. I've noticed she tends to only really eat the "crunchies" in my snacks now, and apparently also sometimes additional ones from class. (She may eat a strawberry or carrot coin, or nibble on things.)
She knows that Pirate Booty and Goldfish are safe, and the teacher trusts her. This might not bode well in the future, since the teacher apparently isn't really sure what she can and cannot have. So as long as Z is correct and honest, we'll be okay.
According to Z and another parent I'm friends with who volunteers in the class often, snack is usually just crackers or cookies of some kind. Plus the juice. Yikes! No fresh fruits or veggies! Rarely any dairy, and so far it's always been sugary dye-filled yogurt, rather than cheese. I always brought a dairy, a fruit and/or veggie, plus a "crunchy" last year. I'm going to have to volunteer for extra snack weeks or something!

  Microwavable Japanese Bento Box Lunch Snack Box Pink   

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  1. Great ideas! I love those juice boxes from the dollar store. I was surprised they had something like that since most of the labels there scared me when I read them! Keep up the good work!

    Happy Packing!


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