Saturday, October 13, 2012

Nuts to You - Nut-Free Nuts Bento

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Tuesday, 10/2/12 - I hadn't done a Fall-themed lunch yet this year - September was just so sunny! So here's my first one of the season. Acorn themed. Because who doesn't like to play with a good set of nuts?*

*Yes. Expect more where that came from. I'm on a ROLL!
Colby Jack cheese, raspberries and strawberries,
green beans, SunButter-marshmallow fluff sandwich
(Nut-Free) Nuts to You!
Shiny Nuts: I used a mini acorn cutter to make cheese shapes, and added a shiny acorn pick for fun. If you've got it, flaunt it, right?

Twigs and Berries: To jazz up her berries, I skewered a few raspberries on a flat acorn pick for her to use to eat them, if desired.

Nutless Wonder: I used a larger acorn cutter to make the Fluffer-Butter sandwich (SunButter and home-made all-natural marshmallow honey fluff.) I used just the top part of the cutter on a piece of a heel, to make a contrasting acorn top, that I glued on with more marshmallow fluff.
I cut and arranged green beans to try and look like pine boughs. Or something. Not perfect, but good enough! A squirrel cupcake topper ring completes the nutty fun! (And yes. I know acorns grow on oak trees, which are not coniferous. My lunch, my rules.)

Nut-Free Mama
Cheese scraps, SunButter Ants on a Log; salad w/ carrots, strawberries. Raisins, dried
soy beans, chia seeds, and raspberry vinaigrette; with cherry tomatoes and plums tucked in
The raisins, dried edamame, and chia seeds are in the little blue-lidded box (found hanging in a set of four at most grocery stores.) My dressing is in the round yellow Smidget.

This lunch is dedicated to my girl Keeley, and her Little Miss. Nuts to nuts!

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  1. A nutty good time! Cute idea for fall. :)

    Happy Packing!

  2. I see what you did there..... very clever. ;)

  3. Damn straight. ;) LOL
    nutless wonder... LOL that cracks me up


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