Friday, October 12, 2012

Pretty Hello Kitty - So Easy It Feels Like Cheating!

Wednesday, 9/19/12 - Since Baby E's "preschool" class is early in the morning, with just a short gap before Z's preschool, I have to plan ahead the night before. I try and pack enough so that we're covered for both breakfast and lunch. We can all eat during Baby's class, and again in the car. We have about an hour between classes, so if I plan ahead, no one goes to school hungry!
I didn't manage anything too elaborate, as I had spent the night before making Blueberry Failure Muffins, since it was my turn to bring snack for the parents in E's class. More on that debacle in another post!

Artisan Olive Bread, pink salt, hard-boiled egg, NatureBox nut clusters,
string cheese nibblets, edamame, strawberries and grapes
When boiling up an egg for her Lalaloopsy lunch, I went ahead and did a bunch at once and put one in my Hello Kitty egg/rice mold for future use. So finding it in the fridge decided me my theme for this quick and easy bento.
I put some extra "pink salt" in a little Hello Kitty sauce box I found on eBay.

The Olive Bread came from our organic CSA farm, in their produce stand. I prefer the Rosemary Bread, but they'd been out for the second week in a row, and Z wanted to try Olive Bread. She liked it, but also prefers the Rosemary Bread (they bake a stripe of kosher salt across the top. Nummers!)
Since she was getting her protein from the egg, I didn't bother making a sandwich. She likes eating it plain.

Since she used to go gonzo over a similar snack we had found at Costco a year or more ago, I included our new NatureBox Pistachio Power Clusters from the September box. Since it's a nut-free school, I took the mini muffin cup of uneaten ones out and left it in the car during E's class, and let Z have it back after. These things are crazy good!

To jazz up the edamame pods (and because it hadn't arrived in time to use it with my last Hello Kitty lunch,) I made sure to include a Hello Kitty cupcake topper ring. I waffled about using it to roll up the napkin, but decided to keep it in with the soy beans.

I skewered a few grapes onto some Hello Kitty bento picks, and tucked them in with her strawberries.

This lunch was super fast and easy to put together. It's all in the accessories with this one!

Hello Kitty cloth napkin from Red Poppy Crafts on Etsy.

Crunching Colors
Lunch: Red lettuce salad w/carrots, grapes, purple cabbage, raisins and
dried soy beans, and raspberry vinaigrette; pluot, cherry tomatoes.
Snack: broccoli, (orange) Very Pink Dip, orange cauliflower, hummus,
carrots, green beans
I packed myself my standard - salad. It's been a lot of work chuffing down my bounty of fresh, local, organic fruits and veggies each week!

Since it would be a long day for us all, I packed a little "veggie tray" for us to share in my new Lunchbots Trio (which I *won* from Wendolonia! Squeee!)
I let Baby lick/suck/smear hummus and dip off a carrot stick that I kept re-dipping until she got bored with it. Haha, who am I kidding? I got bored with it long before she did. That baby loves her "people food!"

Tools of the Trade

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