Monday, October 29, 2012

Leftovers - September 2012

Thursday, 9/13/12 - We had a fun tour with my MOMS Club at the farm where we pick up our CSA box each week, so I packed some lunches in our EasyLunchboxes to eat between the farm and preschool.
Plum, Special K crackers, cherry tomatoes; red lettuce salad w/purple cabbage,
blackberries, carrots, dried edamame, chia seeds, raisins, raspberry vinaigrette

I already showed off her lunch in the Mini Quiche recipe post, so this one was mine!
The dry salad toppings (seeds and raisins) are in the Mini Dipper container, and the dressing is in the Smidget.

Saturday, 9/1/12 - She wanted a beautiful lunch AT lunchtime, so I threw this together so she could start eating right away.
Kalamata olives w/string cheese nibblets, raspberries, ham and cheese sandwich
A quick and simple lunch with some animal fork picks stuck in for fun!

Thursday, 9/6/12 - A fun little dinner.
We had some left over bread from my Bruschetta, and Z LOVED it. She wanted mustard slathered on the bread, plus ham. I cut the ham with my bear head cutter just for fun. After I added a few ginormous green beans, I realized it looked like a face. With 4 eyes.

Saturday, 9/15/12 - Can't remember why we needed a lunch on the go this day. But I was clearly in too much of a hurry to do the picture "right" (on cute background paper in the natural light on my back porch.) I left Baby E in the shot because she's so darned cute!
Cheese stick, Olive Bread, hard boiled egg w/pink salt, Kale Chips
I had made several hard boiled eggs in one go, and chose molds based on what I thought I might use soon. This one used the fish mold.

Sunday, 9/16/12 - Packed by Hubby. We had Little Gym class followed by a birthday party for one of her new school chums, so Dadda packed us some yummy lunches!

PH-honey sandwiches, plum, homemade butter caramels, Pirate Booty
She had taken a few nibbles of her breakfast sandwich (she prefers sandwiches most mornings. It wasn't until I got a bunch of Chobani Champions flavors to try that she started liking yogurt and granola for breakfast! 
So I tucked the remainder of the sandwich in too, in case she'd want it. Dadda likes creamed honey instead of the local raw honey I buy to help our seasonal allergies. And he started calling it "Daddy's Special Honey." So now that's the kind she asks for. Jerk.
But his homemade butter caramels are ah-mazing! So I'll keep him!

Toasted bagel w/cream cheese, plum, dark chocolate PB cups, caramels
Both lunches are a little more treat-heavy than I pack, but she thought hers was the bestest lunch EVER! The little gasp of joy as she realized the little wrappers held caramels was the sound I aim for every time I plan out a cute themed lunch. Bugger.

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