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All-Natural Preschool Snacks, October - Week 1

Monday, October 1 to Thursday, October 4

Horizon Organics Milk box, kalamata olives, chocolate-covered edamame,
smoked Gouda, TJ's Seaweed Snack, Chickadees crackers
Since she hadn't eaten much lunch, I chose to make a larger-size snack in her 2-tier My Melody bento box. I got mine from a friend in Japan. While getting the "smoky cheese" out of the fridge, I noticed the olives, so I put some in a little divider cup. To fill the space in the bottom tier, I added some Dark Chocolate Covered (dried) Edamame from Trader Joe's.They're quite tasty.
I kept dried goods in the top. I had to cut the Seaweed Snacks in half to get them to fit, and then filled out the rest with cheddar Chickadees crackers from Target.
Horizon Organics Milk to drink.
This was way too much food for snack, but she ate the rest after school.

Since I got the brilliant idea (from Crystal - she did applesauce in hers!) to use my Mini Dippers to hold snack-sized portions of yogurt, I used Z's Hello Kitty Chillpack box (comes with a mini ice pack that rests on a ledge at the top) to keep it cool. The Mini Dipper fit inside easily, as did the mini dog spoon.

The heart box (from Dollar Tree) holds some Enjoy Life Very Berry Crunch granola to either sprinkle on or eat separately. Enjoy Life products are free from the Top 8 Allergens (including peanuts and tree nuts) and made in a dedicated Top 8-free facility. So they're safe for her nut-free school.
I couldn't find my v-blade, so I hand-cut petals into her carrot coins. Apple and Eve mini juice box (from Dollar Tree. 3 or 4 for $1, and they're smaller so she's not throwing so much away each time when she can't finish it. Now to find some mini milk boxes that aren't sweetened or filled with fake flavors!)
She ate the yogurt and granola at school, and the carrots after.

Juice, Chickadees crackers, TJ's Seaweed Snack, cherry tomatoes

The tomo tomo deer box is pretty small, but she doesn't need much for her snack. I got the box as a hand-me-down from Bento for Kidlet.
Apple and Eve mini juice box (from Dollar Tree. 3 or 4 for $1.)
She ate everything but the tomatoes. "I won't ever never eat a tomato!" But Mama keeps trying!

Strawberry, red grapes, Sea's Gift Sweet Seaweed Snack, carrot fish
No real cohesive theme here, other than maybe random animals? I got the Sugar Bunnies box on clearance at a Sanrio store a while back.
The bear pick was stuck in some grapes just for fun. And to match the spoon.
The orange and yellow carrot were cut with a mini fish cutter.
The bear spoon came from Daiso, and was the perfect size to fit in half of the box. It was to eat the Sea's Gift Sweet Seaweed Snack, which I got from my September Foodie Penpal. It's quite oily to the touch, and in tiny little crumbles, so I figured a spoon was the best way for her to eat it.

She claims the seaweed snack was too sweet, so didn't eat it. Nor did she eat anything else, as far as I can tell. But they had Goldfish crackers at snack that day, and I've told her time and time again that Goldfish are safe, so she finally decided to trust the teacher and ask for some. I've also told her to feel free to ask the teacher to check any item the other kids are having. And that she has a supply of all-natural treats and substitutes at school if they're having unsafe cookies, say. Or GoGurts. She has a stash of similar items they can let her have.

In some Mommy Fail news, at Parent's Night Out at her Little Gym on Friday night, I remembered to pack her a snack only after my sister asked if we were supposed to bring our own or not (since my nieces were coming too, and the ladies in my family were doing a Girls' Night!) Oops!
Even though my nieces didn't need separate snacks, just in case they wanted ones just like Z, I made three matching snacks with bird-shaped cheese, Chicakdees crackers, and apple slices. And forgot to take pics. Doh! I also forgot to pack a safe drink for Z. Double Doh! Luckily she knew not to drink the Kool-Aid, so just had water. I could not be prouder of my little girl!
And all three girls ate every last crumb! That almost never happens!

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