Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tried-It Tuesday 2.0 - Onigiri!

That's right! I'm gonna try and resurrect this! But to make it easier and less stressful on me, instead of weekly, we'll start it the FIRST TUESDAY of each month! I hadn't decided to do it yet last week, so next month we'll start it on the first Tuesday - November 6th!

Link up a post or photo (from public photo sharing sites like Flickr, or if you can do an Instagram one, that works too!) with something new you tried last month! A new recipe. A new technique. Got new bento gear. A new health resolution. Heck, even a new outfit! Anything at all.

Last week I tried something totally new and outside my comfort zone. Onigiri! I've made rice balls a few times, but not only was I attempting to make a differently shaped rice blob, I was stuffing it with a filling, and layering two colors of rice! Talk about jumping in with both feet! I can't even make rice without the "recipe" on the bag! (And I usually wander off and forget about it and mess it up. I had to use "my" pots, since I'm not allowed to use "the good pots and pans!")

Go ahead and ogle. Heck, I even impressed myself!

So what have YOU tried lately?

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