Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bento Leftovers - June 2012 (Part 2 of 2)

I not only managed to crank out more bento lunches than usual this month, but I also managed to get too far behind in posting. So I have enough to fill TWO posts to show off my more boring or random bento lunches.

Thursday 6/7/12 - Since I didn't want to clutter up the post about her Birthday Bento, I saved my lunch for my end-of-month leftovers round-up.
Spinach salad w/blueberries, almonds, raspberry vinaigrette;
celery w/SunButter and raisins, crackers, cheese scraps
Monday, 6/11/12 - I had to get my emissions checked and pick up my tabs, plus we had something else to do, all before swim class. So I packed Z a quickie lunch to last throughout the afternoon. 
Root Chips, half-sandwich, Ranch and ketchup, apples, carrots
Can't remember what kind of sandwich it was. Probably PB-Nutella or PB-honey. And she had requested ketchup for her carrots as well as the Ranch, but (as suspected) just ate it off her fingers. She ate all the carrots though, so I'm fine with it. The root chips are Trader Joe's version of the TERRA Exotic Vegetable Chips.

Friday, 6/22/12 - A snack for the trip to and from the farm to pick up our weekly CSA box. I wasn't worried about fruits or veggies, since she usually ends up eating a pint of whatever berries comes in our CSA share on the way home. And maybe some "leaves" (lettuce or spinach) or peas.
half a PB-chocolate sandwich,
Baby Goldfish, Parmesan Goldfish
Boring. But in a box, so a bento! The box is some random Ziplock or Glad cheapie box that I had been storing kale chips in, but she had polished them off just before, so I just used the box one more time before washing it.

On a side note, she requested both those Goldfish when I showed her all the kinds we had available (they had been on super sale for $1 a bag, plus I had a coupon, so I got one of each flavor/style! But now they're starting to expire, so I need to use them up faster!) The Baby Goldfish were the babies, of course. And the Parmesan ones were the Mommies!

Monday, 6/18/12 - This had originally been packed for the Sensory-Friendly Film screening of Madagascar 3 the Saturday before, but we all ended up sleeping in and missing it. I used our Goodbyn because unlike for a preschooler-sized lunch, in the case of popcorn, it's not too big at all!
I love these showings because, while designed for kids with Autism and other sensory processing disorders, they're great for little kids in general. They keep the lights on at trailer level, so it isn't so dark. The sound isn't as loud either. Movies are always too loud for me, so I can only imagine what it's like for someone with a sensory disorder! They also don't enforce the "Silence is Golden" rule, so I don't have to shush my inquisitive little kiddo, or feel bad if the baby starts fussing. (I'd still take them out if there was an ongoing issue. But I don't feel embarrassed about it!)

But the best part for us and our dye-free diet is that they allow you to bring your own snacks for the kids (since many kids in the Autism spectrum have dietary issues as well. Including dye-sensitivities, often!)
Olive Oil popcorn, green beans, Teddy Grahams,
cherries and strawberries, dye-free "Cheetos"
I had originally planned a frozen Capri Sun (no artificial flavors or colors) and some rounded manicure scissors for cutting the pouch open to make a push-up slushie, to replace the dye-filled ICEE she's used to at the movies. But since we didn't end up going, I moved the green beans to that compartment and added some cherries in with the strawberries. I saved the frozen juice pouch for when we went to see the Sensory Friendly showing of Brave (this morning!)
The popcorn was Trader Joe's pre-popped Olive Oil and lightly salted. It's very tasty! The "Cheetos" are also their all-natural version. I don't like them, but she's happy that we were able to find the "wrinkly" ones, and not just the "puffs" version. (When we started our switch to dye-free, she and I had a big fight over a little snack-sized baggie of Cheetos she found on the counter and I opened up and sprinkled into the garbage because she wouldn't stop trying to sneak them. We went out that afternoon to Fred Meyer's Naturals section to buy her a safe version, but the Cheetos Naturals only come in puffs.)
The Teddy Grahams are the cinnamon flavor, left over from when we got n Variety Pack for her Star Wars Day bento (Ewoks! Teehee!) The chocolate ones have artificial flavor, so I made sure to fob those ones off on her t-ball team for our snack day. I also got rid of all but one of the honey-flavored packs, and we still have one or two cinnamon packs, which was her favorite flavor. Plus a partial pack, since I didn't put a whole one in here.

She ate all the snacks and cherries. Maybe a green bean or two. The popcorn counts as a whole grain, at least!


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