Sunday, May 4, 2014

May the Fourth Be With You - Join the Dark Side... We Have Lunches!

A long time ago, in a lunchroom far far away....

Lunch Wars, Episode III 
Revenge of the Lunch
To celebrate Star Wars Day, Bento Bloggers and Friends is doing a fun lunchy blog hop! Click the button to see what Beneficial Bento has created. The Force is strong with that one!

(If you want, you can check out my previous Star Wars lunches; Episode I and Episode II)

Join the Dork Side
GF PBJ, organic blueberries, GF pretzels w/DF white chocolate and dye-free sugar sprinkles,
edamame, vegetarian dye-free gelatin
Later, Vader - I used my Vader cookie cutter press to make Z's sandwich, and followed Wendolonia's tips on making the imprint show up really well. You have to be extra careful with gluten-free bread though. It's crumblier.

Light Sabers - I made mini edible light sabers using gluten-free pretzel sticks dipped in melted dairy-free white chocolate chips (plus a little coconut oil to thin it out,) then rolled in dye-free natural red and blue sugar sprinkles.

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Pew Pew! - I made Z a jello shape in my Millenium Falcon ice mold. When I found them on sale at Think Geek, I bought all the Star Wars molds they had! Merry Christmas to ME! Yes, I know the Millenium Falcon is for the "good guys." But I couldn't resist!

The dye-free vegetarian gelatin I bought is no longer available, but I've found dye-free gelatin using animal products, or vegetarian gelatin that uses artificial colors and flavors. In instances like this, I always choose natural over ethical, and buy the dye-free animal gelatin when I'm too lazy to make my own with juice and agar agar.

To go along with the red theme for the Dark Side, Z got a star pick in her edamame and a star cup to hold her blueberries.

Light Side
GF PBJ, GF pretzels w/DF white chocolate and dye-free sugar sprinkles, dye-free vegetarian gelatin,
organic blueberries, edamame, organic tomatoes
These ARE the Droids You're Looking For... - Little E got her jello in an R2-D2 ice mold. Robots are cool.

Instead of making a shaped sandwich too, I just gave E the scraps, tucked under some edible light sabers.

Little Sis got a thicker star pick, with the plaid design turned away. I love these short and sturdy picks for my little one, since there's less risk of breakery.

Tools of the Trade
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  1. Awesome, I love your light sabers n jello!

  2. Jello in the molds is a fantastic idea!

  3. Fantastic! Love your Star Wars gelatin and Light Sabers!

  4. Very cute! Love how you made the light sabers!

  5. Love the jello r2d2 and falcon

  6. I am in love with your gelatin molds. So clever!

  7. That r2d2 jello is awesome, Kendra! Your lunches are always so creative!!

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  9. So cute! I love the pretzel sabers! I have a question about your Jell-O molds, tho. How do you get them by to stick? Whenever I try to mold Jell-O it sticks and shreds :( I thought you'd done a tutorial-ish post on it a whole ago but I couldn't find it.

  10. the pretzel light sabers are such a great idea!

  11. Brilliant! The pretzel lightsabers are just genius, love it!


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