Thursday, May 3, 2012

May the Fourth Be With You - Star Wars Bento Blog Hop

Raise your hand if you knew that May 4th was Star Wars Day. Bonus points if you knew why.
Now, Little Z is too young for Star Wars (according to her father anyway. Hmph.) But when my bloggie-buddies suggested another themed blog hop, I couldn't say no! So I opted for cutesey over technical, since she wouldn't really "get it" yet anyway. Both lunches are in our EasyLunchboxes.

The Rebellion (her lunch)
PB-Nutella Millenium Falcon; cheese, fruit leather and spinach faces.
Strawberries and kiwi, broccoli, Teddy Grahams "Ewoks"
Millenium Falcon: Williams-Sonoma had their Star Wars vehicles sandwich cutters on sale for $10, so I snapped them up (along with their cookie presses and pancake molds.) Can't wait for the character ones to go on sale! (It happened... once.) I was originally going to just be lazy and toss in some Mac-n-cheese and call it "R2-DTube" and "See-Through-P-O," but Hubby thought that was stupid. And there wasn't enough room for the faces in with the little lidded bowl I had in there.
The "Good Guys": Han Solo, Chewie (NOT Darth Vader. Or a Mexican wrestler! LOL!) Luke and Leia - I used my faces cutter [enter to win one through 5/14 from Bento for Kidlet!] to make the faces and features, and the hair for the boys. From my garden-y cutter set, I used a petal cutter for Leia's bangs and tulips for her buns (pointy-top-sides in.) Tucked the extra cheese from Luke's hair underneath.
Endor: Broccoli "Forest of Endor" and Teddy Grahams "Ewoks!" (In a cute little plastic-coated-paper bear cup!)
Couldn't think of how to incorporate fruit. So just tossed in the last of the strawberries and some kiwi.

The Empire (Mama's)
"Garbage Compactor" salad, TIE-Fighter, apples, carrots
and broccoli. YanYan dessert.
My "trash compactor" salad contains spinach and romaine, carrots, and raisins (which kind of look like that creature that swims in the sludge,) plus raspberry vinaigrette in "the Death Star." I totally stole this trash compactor idea. Err. I mean, if you see someone else in the hop did one, they copied me!
I made this yummy veggie dip but substituted sunflower seed butter for PB. I used some Special K crackers and a mini Nutter Butter to make the TIE-Fighter.
Boring old apples, plus broccoli, and more carrots to dip. Couldn't think of anything creative for them to be. I'm on Week 3 of this headache that won't go away, so it's getting harder to think and focus.
I didn't notice that the YanYan was a combo of strawberry and chocolate flavors. I thought I was getting strawberry. To be red(dish) "light sabers!" I guess this way they can fight! I can guarantee these will be shared. And by "shared," I mean I will only get bare-nekkid dipping sticks.
This much geeky awesomeness cannot be contained in just one lunch (okay, two!) Use your "HyperDrive" to hop to the next "galaxy" to check out what Karen at What's in John's Lunch Bag? has come up with!

Update: She looked at her lunch and squealed with joy. I know who that is! That's us! That's you [Han,] that's Daddy [Luke,] and that's me [Leia,] and that's... ummm..." [Chewbacca. Haha!] She ended up eating everything but the kiwi and fruit leather. And had seconds of the "Ewoks."

 faces cutters garden cutters


  1. Love this! Your Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewie are so cute that I could eat them up, literally!

  2. Great job Mama! I love their little faces - and your chewy/vader/mexican wrestler comment LOL

  3. everything looks awesome and yummy!!1 I love Chewy!! :)

  4. I love the teddy graham ewoks. Such cute little faces on the characters. Great job!

  5. I can't find a single redeeming quality to your lunches .... I can find LOTS ;) Super cute (even the Mexican wrestler!)

  6. I love your Han Solo, Chewie, Luke and Leia! Such a cute idea! Plus the TIE-fighter in the Garbage compactor lunch is a great idea!!!

  7. Love these lunches! The little faces are so so cute!

  8. I just love your characters! Fruit leather Chewie is my favourite :) Excellent lunch!

  9. I love that you went with cutesy - such a great job! And I totally knew that was Chewie!


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