Saturday, May 3, 2014

Monkey Business Lunch

I saw this cute monkey sandwich from Veggie-Bento which inspired me to do a much less cute version of my own for my Kindergartener!

GF PB honey sandwich w/dairy-free cheese and fruit leather, organic sugar snap peas and grapes
I used different-sized cutters from a circle cutter set to make the head and ears. The cheese for the face was cut free-hand. I used a face cutter on some organic fruit leather for the facial features, and a tiny crown cutter to turn her into a princess!

The monkey pick was a simple touch to keep up the "monkey business."

I even found a Lunchbox Love note with a monkey fact! Well, chimpanzee. Whatever.

Tools of the Trade
   Japanese Bento Decoration Ham Cheese Cutter Set 12pcs with Baran 
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  1. Your sandwich was super cute aswell :-)

  2. I love this! And that LBL and tiny crown are perfect.


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