Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Edible Flowers for Lunch

Monday, 5/5/14 - As part of our organic farm share the week before, we got a bouquet of flowering chives! Ironically, I had just been searching the internet for edible flowers the day before. The girls went wild for these, squabbling over who got to eat the best ones! I put the rest of them in a vase of water, and the rest of the buds blossomed nicely. So I decided to pack a few in their lunch. So pretty!

Flowers for Kindergarten
Roasted organic broccolini, organic chive blossoms, organic raspberries, rice noodles with lime "butter," dolmas
My girls both love roasted broccolini at dinner, and I had a little bit left over, so decided to try sending it cold for lunch. I tucked the chive blossoms in as an enticement to try it.
Since I already had a flower theme going, I arranged the raspberries in a flower-y formation in a flower muffin cup
The gluten-free rice noodles were also left over from dinner, and I added some dairy-free lime-infused butter to keep them from clumping, and also because she looooves it.
I've been really lax, but my goal had been to pack a heart in every Kindergarten lunch. I actually remembered this time, and stuck a heart pick into a dolmas (seasoned rice wrapped in grape leaves. These were from a can at Trader Joe's. They taste like pickled rice, so were a big win with my little pickle fiend!)

Toddler Bouquet
Organic hummus and tomatoes, GF Van's Everything crackers; organic raspberries, grapes, carrots, and chive blossoms 
I find the chive flowers have a too-strong flavor for my tastes, but this little one is a rabid flower-eater. She'd eat the whole bouquet in one go, if I allowed it.

I gave her some hummus in a butterfly cup to use for dipping her veggies instead. And some whole-grain crackers. She loves crackers!

Tools of the Trade

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  1. What a pretty lunch! I haven't tried eating flowers. I think it would be fun.


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