Monday, May 19, 2014

Simple Yummy School Lunches!

I don't always have the time or inspiration to make a "fancy" lunch. But it isn't hard to still put a little "fun" into functional lunches!

Thursday, 4/3/14 - Toddler Nibbles
E's lunch: Organic apples, sugar snap peas, tomatoes; HB egg, GF Whole Os
While I was with Z's class helping them pack their own fun healthy lunches, E was at my sister's house with a simple Mama-packed lunch!

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Friday, 4/4/14 - Quickie Quesadillas
Z's lunch: UNREAL candy bar, corn quesadilla; organic carrots, sugar snap peas, grapes, apples
I toasted up some quick corn tortilla quesadillas with some sharp cheddar shreds I'd had to get for some reason... I wish I could remember why I needed them.

Since this was a Friday, I made sure to include a special treat; a mini UNREAL Snickers-type bar (available at Target.)

E's lunch: Organic carrots, sugar snap peas, tomatoes, grapes, apples; corn quesadilla
Both girls got their fruit in little silicone heart cups. I love these!

Monday, 4/14/14 - Toddler Munchie Lunch
E's lunch: Organic rice, HB egg; organic tomatoes, sugar snap peas, apples
E loves her hard-boiled eggs. Loooooves them! But dislikes bread. So rice is my usual grain option to go with.
Her fruit and veggies are in silicone clover cups.

Friday, 4/18/14 - PB and Rice Cakes
Z's lunch: Corn Thins, PBCo Smooth Operator packet, dried oranges, freeze-dried strawberries, organic carrots
E had had a fever the day before, so I must have been planning to feed and nap her at home and so I didn't pack a lunch for her. Just Big Sis. (We usually eat lunch in the car after dropping off Big Sis and then she falls asleep while I drive around the neighborhood a few times, then I sit in the car and play on my phone or read a book in the school parking lot until it's time to pick Big Sister back up...)

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