Friday, May 2, 2014

May Day Flowers

Monday, 5/1/14 - I made flowery "bouquet" lunches for my girls for May Day, plus a snack to share at the playground after school!

Flowers for Kindergarten
Organic carrots, GF PB sandwich "wands," peppermint marshmallows, organic strawberries
I made flower sandwich "wands" using a large flower veggie cutter and glued gluten-free pretzel sticks in between the bread slices using gobs of peanut butter. Neither girl has really been eating their sandwiches lately, and I figured (correctly) that making these flowers with stems would make them super fun to eat.

I cut a carrot stub with a small flower veggie cutter, then cut that into coins and put them in a small silicone flower cup to keep with the flower theme.

She had been promised some of these gourmet marshmallows in her lunch, in exchange for getting ready for bed the night before. I stuck some flower picks and a leaf pick in them to make them more exciting, since using a flower cutter on them hadn't really done much. (I ate those attempts. Omnomnom!)

And a few lone strawberries in a medium silicone flower cup.

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Toddler Bouquet
Organic grapes, GF PB sandwich wand, GF pretzels, organic carrots and tomatoes
A similar lunch for Little E, but with pretzels instead of marshmallows, since she gets enough treats as it is (she's in full-blown Little Turd 2-year-old phase, and I often throw candy at her to prevent a meltdown. Or to get her out of the kitchen long enough to finish dinner. Or to get her into her car seat...)

My plan backfired, as I forgot that Z had a midday appointment, and that the girls would be eating side-by-side in the car. E was upset that she didn't have any "mah-mawwoes" and Z was miffed that she didn't have any extra pretzels. *sigh* Luckily they were both happy to share!

After-School Snackerel
Organic carrots, clementine, GF PB sandwich wands
Since the weather has been so nice lately, the girls like to stay and play on the playground after Z gets out of school. But Z starts whining that she's hungry, which sets off a little "I'm hunry" toddler copycat. Even though Z usually has leftovers in her lunch, after watching them squabble over some twice-rejected grapes and carrots that I then offered to the toddler, I decided to try and pack something that they have no choice but to share!

I hand-cut notches into the rest of the carrot, that was too skinny to use the veggie cutter on. I put the flower coins into a flower muffin cup, and tucked some carrot sticks in behind. I used a Sharpie on a clementine peel to make more flowers, and added a few extra sandwich wands.

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  1. Really cute May day lunches :-) Love your gluten-free tips, our 15-year is gluten intolerant

  2. Absolutely gorgeous lunches, I love the pretzel stick wands, they're brilliant!
    Thank you for linking up at Fun Food Friday!


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