Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Monsters U "Mike-aroni" and Cheese

4/8/14 - I made my girls some dairy-free macaroni and cheese (squash-based sauce) and tried adding a packet of NurturMe powdered peas. And the whole batch turned so green I was worried the girls would reject it on sight. So I decided to capitalize on their love of the Monsters University movie and make "monster macaroni" to entice them to eat it!

Mike-aroni for my Kindergartener
GF DF mac and cheese w.pea powder; organic apples, grapes, carrots, sugar snap peas
I generally refuse to buy products with petroleum-derivatives in them, but sometimes the dye-filled candy comes with some really cool accessories! Since I like to vote with my dollar, I try not to buy them unless they're on clearance. That way the store makes little to no money on it. And I'm not paying full price to wash the candy down the drain! I found these Monsters U lip pops on clearance and couldn't pass them up. The bento options with them are endless! Well. Sandwiches, rice, and pasta-endless, anyway...

I piled some of the green macaroni in a roughly circular shape, and cut an eye out of goat cheese. I used some extra sauce to glob on an iris and a chocolate chip for the pupil (don't think about the grossness here. Just run with it...)

At the same time I got the lip pops, I also found a Monsters U utensil set on clearance. I gave Z the fork, and E got the spoon. Perfect!

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"Green with Envy" Sully for the Toddler
GF DF mac and cheese w.pea powder; organic grapes, carrots, sugar snap peas
I couldn't figure out a way to make a quick blue for Sully, but I only had one lip pop for each character, so couldn't do another Mike. So I didn't try too hard making him look like Sully. E was happy with her "mah-nah yoo-ti-vee" lunch as it was.

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  1. Gasp! I have not seen these elusive lip pops! Cute lunches <3

  2. Your Mike-aroni made me smile.

  3. These lunches are so much fun, I LOVE how you dressed up the green pasta - genius once again!
    Thank you for linking up at Fun Food Friday!


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