Monday, May 5, 2014

Random Lunch Round-Up

Wednesday, 3/26/14 - Ham Roll-ups
E's lunch: GF garlic wrap w/uncured ham, organic sugar snap peas and apples
The gluten-free market up near Nana's house often has some great mark-downs for short-dated items or damaged packages. I got these garlic herb wraps to try super cheap because they were all broken in the middle. Still taste juuuust fine though!
I tried rolling it without microwaving first to soften and it was a big fail. So I jammed the bits all on a starfish skewer and gave it to the toddler for lunch.

She has a bee pick in her apples for fun.

Z's lunch: Homemade organic kale chips, organic apples, GF garlic wrap w/uncured ham
Same lunch for Big Sis, only I softened the wrap first so it rolled nicely. I used squirrel picks to hold them together. They were such a big hit I had to make more for an after-school snack!

Thursday, 3/27/14 - Chicken and Crackers
Z's lunch: GF savory rice crackers, leftover chicken, organic carrots and strawberries
Hubby got a rotisserie chicken for dinner one night because I was lazy and didn't want to cook. I didn't eat any, and made Hubby tear it apart for leftovers. (Squick!) My girls loooooove meat, so it's always a popular lunch option. I gave Z some whole-grain rice crackers to put the bits on.

E's lunch: Organic apples, strawberries, carrots, mushroom; HB egg, GF savory rice crackers
E is wild for hard-boiled eggs, so I gave her one instead of chicken. She also has been loving the fresh cremini mushrooms sold at the farm we go to each week. She always picks out a few and noms one on the way home!

Friday, 3/28/14 - Hummus and Chips
E's lunch: Hummus, GF chips; organic mushroom, carrots, grapes
Can't remember what I made for Big Sis that day, but the toddler got some hummus and chips. Nom! Plus the other half of the mushroom from the day before (see above.)

Monday, 3/31/14 - Cheese Cracker Stackers
Z's lunch: Glutino Parmesan Garlic Bagel Chips, smoked gouda, organic sugar snap peas and grapes
The MOMables Cracker Stackers are always a popular lunch with my Kindergartener! To give it a Spring-y feel, I put some gluten-free Glutino bagel chips in a flower muffin cup and cut the smoked Gouda with a flower cutter. And used a butterfly cup for her grapes.

E's lunch: Glutino Parmesan Garlic Bagel Chips, HB egg, Daiya dairy-free cheddar, organic grapes,
Fresh Express Veggie Lovers salad mix w/sunflower and chia seeds plus hemp hearts and rosemary vinaigrette
Parmesan is usually lactose-free (and she rarely has issues with powdered/dehydrated cheese anyway,) so the dairy in the bagel chips was fine, but I wasn't sure about Gouda, so my lactose-intolerant toddler got some sliced Daiya vegan cheddar instead.

Both my girls are so fun to watch when they get their lunches! (Not so much with dinner though. They aren't fans of Mama's cooking!) I love to see that smile!

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