Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - 5/2/12

Silly Sock day at preschool. 
Mama totally forgot, but I would have messed it up anyway. I would have just sent her with a pair of funky socks. Oh no. I should have pinned them all over her, had mismatched socks on her feet, etc. She wanted them on her ears, so her teachers clothespinned them into her hair. Super cute!

A rainbow!

First Food!
Technically she had sucked on a chunk of canteloupe already (she had been okayed by the doc at her 4-month check-up for solids, but I hadn't gotten around to buying/making any yet.) But we were at a thing, listening to a boring speech, and she started fussing. So I let her lick and suck on some canteloupe to shut her up satisfy her until we could go get her bottle from the car. Here she is eating her first real solids (other than cat hair.) I made pureed carrots. But judging by the consistency of the baby food I bought later, mine were waaaaay too thick. She loved them though!

Mama and Baby E enjoying a rare sunny day outside while Big Sis was at preschool.

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  1. You sure do use a lot of words for Wordless Wednesday! I love them, though. So stinkin cute! ALL of you!


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