Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Tortoise and the Hares

Thursday, 4/26/12 - Yes. It was a 2-hot-dog day. Don't judge.

Hot Diggity-Bunny
"Bunny" hot dogs, broccoli, ketchup and Ranch on lettuce,
kiwi and apple chunks, Greek honey yogurt w/sprinkles
In an effort to get her to eat up some of this kiwi I keep getting in my CSA box, I tried cutting it into "fun bites" with some apple. I figured she'd at least eat the apple. I used a fun bunny pick to go with the theme. 
For the yogurt, I couldn't find the bunny-shaped sprinkles I had bought on clearance after Easter, so I just used an Easter-eggs-with-stars mix.
I copied down the hot dog critters cutting guide from PepperMilk Bento and randomly decided to do bunnies. Plus she loves bunnies the most. I think they ended up looking more like weird taking-over-the-world-brain-eating-aliens. But whatever.

She ate the hot dogs, buns, ketchup, and yogurt.

Mama's Lunch:
Spinach and romaine salad w/broccoli, cucumbers, carrots. Raspberry Vinaigrette.
Ham and pineapple skewers, tomato, Greek honey yogurt
I got the idea for the ham and pineapple skewers from the MOMables free week sample menu. They were crazy good. Surprisingly good. I can't remember where I got the silicone cup they're in. It was from a set like this one, but I can't find it anywhere.
I had most of a cucumber to finish off, so it got crammed in there. Plus a Roma tomato that I ended up wishing I had saved for the next day, since I made myself a garlic-olive oil noodle dish with spinach for dinner that some fresh tomato would have been awesome on.
The yogurt was actually an accident, and I was kind of peeved that I didn't get my cupcake, since I no longer had any room. (Originally the tomato and more broccoli were destined for the medium compartment, then a mini cupcake and some crackers for the smallest compartment.) But as I was scooping yogurt into her container, a big blob splooped into mine. Too much to just rinse out. Oh well. I don't get enough dairy on my own. No sprinkles for Mama [mumble grumble...]

Dinner Turtle Dogs
"Turtle" dogs, broccoli, Ranch and ketchup on lettuce,
string cheese nibblets, apples and kiwi
Since we had another thing to go to later, I packed a dinner to take with us. Since she hadn't touched her broccoli, and barely touched the fruit, I just transferred them over into a fresh EasyLunchbox. I refilled the ketchup and Ranch. And she looked at my hot dog critters chart and chose the turtles. Not that they look anything like turtles. But the Xs turned out great!
As it turns out, I needn't have bothered, since they fed us there too. But she still ate the hot dog and most of the cheese on the way there. Still didn't touch the fruit and broccoli. But she ate a ton of strawberries at the event. And cheese and crackers. And she even tried some strips of bell pepper! (Which I had to eat too, to set a good example. Blech.)

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