Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mom's Day OFF! Bento and Blog Hop

For fun, some of my Bento Blogger Friends decided to do a "Mother's Day Off" blog hop. So be sure to hop through and check out all the fun! Some kids made their own lunches. Some hubbies made the lunches. And some made lunches for MOM!

I tried to get Z to make a lunch for/with me on Friday (Since Saturday was packed with her t-ball game and birthday parties. And Hubby had to work Sunday so the girls and I were planning to visit my sister.)
Me: Do you want to come make lunch with me?
Z: Yes. Wait. No. You make me a hot dog.
Me: Okay. I can make you a hot dog. Will you come make me a sandwich too?
Z: No. You can make a hot dog for me and a sandwich for yourself.
Me: I would love it if you helped me.
Z: *running off to play with dolls* No. You can do it Mama!

So I enlisted my husband. He was excited about making a bento for me.
Him: What do you want in it?
Me: [I want a gloopy sandwich. And cheese mangled by my kid. And strawberries stabbed cut with a butter knife.] I dunno. You could look at my blog and see what I normally make.
Him: A salad? Yeah, but is that what you want?
Me: I dunno.

So as you can see, I was totally helpful with the ideas.

Here's what he came up with:
Garlic Chicken, brown rice, and Oreos. *swoon* He even got up early on Mother's Day, before heading to work,  to whip up the Garlic Chicken from scratch!

Be sure to check out what Crystal's family was up to on Crystal's Ramblings!


  1. Garlic Chicken from scratch! WOW! I am seriously hungry after looking at the picture! hehe

  2. Your husband rocks! I love that he put so much effort into it!

  3. That looks DELICIOUS!! extra brownie points for hubby for that one. ;)
    How sweet!!

  4. OMG I am dying over here! I have fasting blood work this morning so I am garlic chicken has me drooling! LOL Hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day!!

  5. I am so jealous! Your husband is such a sweet man. I'm sure you had a grand time. Happy mother's day, mama!!

  6. What an awesome husband. It looks good to me and he obviously knows that all mommies need Oreos!


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