Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hey, Baby! What's Your Theme?

Thursday, 5/10/12 - Lunch for after gym class (and any leftovers as an after-school snack!)

The "What Themed Lunch is This, Mama?" "Uhhh... Flowers?" Bento
diced olives, jelly beans and fruit jellies, PB-Nutella pita pocket,
yellow and purple carrots, broccoli, strawberries
I had some diced olives still sitting around from when I was experimenting recipe submissions for the Trader Joe's EasyLunchboxes Cookbook, so I put some in a mini silicone cup and gave her a spoon. (BPA-free spoon from Dollar Tree baby section.)
We're reaching the end of our fun yellow and purple organic carrots. I hand-cut each yellow coin to give the "flowers" more petals. I opted to leave the purple ones as-is, so more of the color would show.
The dye-free jellybeans and fruit jellies (Trader Joe's) are in a container I found at Easter time. 3/$1!
If you notice that I'm giving her more treats in her lunches, my purpose is twofold. One: since we're going dye-free, she's beiug denied treats and even staples that she's been accustomed to. So to help get her to be more supportive and involved in saying no to dyes, I'm offering her more dye-free treats until we get acceptable replacements for everything else (like pickles! I forgot to get them when I was out at Trader Joe's. All the grocery-store ones have dyes in them! And popcorn!) And Two: she's been refusing any veggie other than carrots lately, so I'm putting in small amounts of green veggies and telling her she can't have her "dessert" until she's eaten it all up. I'm hoping that exposing her to more tastes again will get her to like it once more.

I'm in trouble now. She's started asking me what "sseem" (theme) each lunch is. And sometimes she criticizes me that whatever answer I give her isn't what she's learning in school right now. Doh! I've created a monster! It's harder to match her lunches to school or gym, since Little Gym no longer posts the following week's theme up on the white board. And her drop-off school only gives me the general curriculum for each month. I have to ask from week to week, and I usually forget.
She ate everything except the purple carrot coins. Note to self: make them into flowers no matter what!

Mama's Bento
Spinach and romaine salad w/strawberries, carrot scraps, raspberry
vinaigrette, Skinny Cow Dreamy Clusters, pretzel M-and-Ms,
broccoli w/SunButter dip
Same-old, same old. But I think the butterfly carrot scraps from our first round of teacher appreciation lunches makes my salad look quite pretty!
The SunButter dip (in orange silicone cup) was left over from our second round of teacher appreciation lunches. I changed the original recipe a little and like my version better.

Doing my best to eat up the dye-filled goodies laying around. Yummy, yummy dyed-filled goodies!

My lunch is technically nut-free (the desserts have possible exposure to allergens warnings.)


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