Thursday, May 24, 2012

Flutter By, Butterfly Bento

Wednesday, 5/9/12 -  A bento in an EasyLunchbox for lunch and after-school and after swim class.

PB-Nutella sandwich, mozzarella butterflies, mini cupcake w/Nutella frosting,
yellow and purple carrot flowers, strawberries
I made a peanut-butter-Nutella sandwich and used my butterfly Lunch Punch to make it fun. It looked kind of plain, but I'm getting rid of all my sprinkles, food pens, and icing writers, since they all have artificial food colors. I'm hoping the white jumbo daisies quins from Wilton don't have any dye in them. But they might. White marshmallows have blue dye to make them look whiter! So I used them for this, but I'm still getting rid of them. I got some mini fondant cutters to try and make my own (with dye-free marshmallows and natural food-colors.)
To keep with the butterfly theme, I cut up some mozzarella with my mini butterfly cutter and put them in a silicone butterfly cup.
I cut up some organic rainbow carrots with my veggie flower cutter for the butterflies to land on.
The mini cupcake was left over from Unka Seesee's birthday. I substituted mashed banana and some pear/spinach/peas baby food puree instead of oil. I frosted it with Nutella since I already had it out.

She ate pretty much everything throughout the day, but I didn't get any pictures of her eating it. I did get some of her rolling down the hill during Large Muscle time at preschool, though.

    garden cutters

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