Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bento Leftovers - May (and April! Yikes!)

Thursday, 4/19/12 - Since Hubby was working late, I packed bento dinners in our EasyLunchboxes for Z and myself to take to my MOMS Club monthly board meeting.

Her dinner: Root Chips,  Pink Cookie, kalamata olives, frozen peas, mac-n-cheese
Since I had the room (normally I don't, with a sandwich in there,) I chose a silicone bear cup to keep her olives separate.
When she was with me, she was under strict orders not to eat her cookie until she had eaten her peas and macaroni. And for some reason, she listens and respects my requests. But when Daddy swung by and picked her up, she felt she was allowed to eat her cookie, so filled up on that and only ended up eating her olives and some of the TERRA Exotic Vegetable Chips.
My dinner: leftover penne w/tomato sauce, sweet dark roll,
peanut and pretzel M-and-Ms, peas (cooked)

Saturday, 4/21/12 - Quickie fun bento lunch in my Lock-and-Lock for her to eat outside while we cleaned the garage
Special K Crackers, apples, carrots, tuna spread
She was very excited to use one of her little plastic IKEA knives to spread the tuna fish (mixed with mayo) onto the crackers herself. She ate everything but the carrots.

Wednesday, 4/25/12 - Quickie bento to eat on the way to school, and between school and swim class.
PBHoney sandwich, organic carrot, string cheese,
Rainbow Goldfish, broccoli, apple and orange slices

Tuesday, 5/8/12 - Since I had been busy packing lunches for her teachers the night before and delivering them that morning, we just had a quickie lunch at home before school. So I packed her a snack for after school and t-ball practice.
Pita chips, gummy penguins, hummus, melon and mango flowers
As part of my switch to making her food free from artificial dyes, I stocked up at Trader Joe's for some fun sweet treats to offer as substitutes for the stuff she's become accustomed to. They had these fun gummy penguins with liquid in the bellies that she was very excited to try. So I put a few in with her snack.
She ate all the hummus, and actually asked for more! I was floored. She has been refusing to eat her hummus lately, when I offer it with veggies. She tried the mango and honeydew flowers (extras from the teachers' fruit bouquets,) but said she liked the "red flowers" (watermelon) the best.

Tuesday, 5/15/12 - Since we haven't been doing as many morning activities (since it's hard for me to get everyone up and fed and out the door in time,) Z's been eating her breakfast later. So her lunches are either small right before school, or planned to tide her over the rest of the afternoon. This lunch/snack was to nibble on in the car to school, and again after school, and before and after t-ball practice.
Cinnamon-raisin bagel w/cream cheese, carrots, strawberries and raspberries

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