Monday, April 30, 2012

Shapin' Up to be a Tasty Lunch

Thursday, 4/19/12 - For our lunches between Little Gym and preschool, I by random chance chose a shapes-theme. Packed in our EasyLunchboxes, since we were eating in the car (surprise surprise.)

It's Shapin' Up to be a Tasty Lunch
Ham and cheese wraps, dried fruit snack mix, cucumbers, carrots, starfruit

Her lunch is nut-free and artificial dye-free.

Since I didn't have any "glue" to keep the sandwich wraps from unrolling, I chose the Wilton Fun Pix purely by chance - they were long enough to skewer the whole roll, and more interesting than the plain ones from Dollar Tree. But then, when deciding what fruit I wanted to use, I saw the star fruit I had just bought to try. We've never had one before! The star plus the shapes on the picks made me decide to stick with a shapes theme.
I used small heart cutters on some cucumber and carrot coins (the carrot cutter is slightly smaller than the one for the cucumber. It was from a plastic bento set.)
In the square muffin cup, I mixed dried currants and chopped up dried pears from our April NatureBox, plus I chopped up some kind of weird chewy mango log thing wrapped in coconut I got from the bulk section at Winco to try out.

She ate the wraps. And the dried currants. And after a big to-do about how the star fruit wasn't really star-shaped because the ends weren't pointy (the online guide on how to eat it TOLD me to cut off the spines!) she tried the star fruit. Wasn't a big fan. She also ate one carrot heart and one cucumber heart.

Mama's Lunch
Spinach and lettuce salad with carrot and cucumber scraps, assorted raisins,
pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and raspberry vinaigrette. Mini cupcake, starfruit
My lunch is nut-free.(And except for the cupcake, dye-free too! Yummy, yummy dyes!) My salad is mostly organic - not sure about the pumpkin and sunflower seeds from my Naturebox snack mix. (They originally came with assorted dried fruits, but a certain little someone ate all the fruity bits out of it.)

I wasn't a huge fan of the star fruit. Didn't hate it though. It kind of tasted like apple. With the consistency and texture of a grape. Too bad she wasn't excited about it. I could see a lot of fun lunches with these.



  1. Looks tasty! I never knew you were supposed to take off the pointy bits of the star fruit. Ooops :/

  2. The shapes in YOUR lunch are totally fun and I know you got the "leftovers" but they're artsy too!


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