Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - 4/4/12

Strike a Pose!
These are from the past few weeks. But I wanted to show off my little girl's sense of flair and style. Most days she has me grab whatever, or she just grabs whatever. But some days she wants to dress special.
 Dressed up for the Fancy Nancy ballet

WonderWish KittyGirl 

photo by JJ teachers
 Dressed up for McTeacher Night (where the teachers at her preschool "work" at McDonalds as a fundraiser.) Dorothy wig, backwards Sleeping Beauty costume (she put it on all by herself!) and rubber boots.

photo by JJ teachers
Z-Lou-Who for Seuss Dress-up Day at preschool. Fancy dress, striped tights (she special-requested them. I had to dig them out of her 2T clothes that we had packed away already,) mismatched BabyLegs as arm-warmers, and rainbow ponytails "just like Tually had at the Peter Rabbit play." And her favorite purple shoes, of course!

And just so she doesn't grow up and feel left out, Baby E sporting a onesie and snowman BabyLegs. Because we apparently only have 2 pairs of footie-pajamas in her size, both dirty this day, and the 3 pairs of pants I was able to dig up have super-wide ankles, so they aren't great at keeping her warm.

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