Monday, April 23, 2012

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

In case you missed my post about being a part of the EasyLunchboxes Trader Joe's Cookbook,
I'm gonna be in a cookbook!
Since I'm being "featured" in this book along with about a gazillion other talented cooks, bloggers, etc a few others, I would need a few pictures of myself to submit. Preferably in the kitchen, making a bento. Well. Fat chance of THAT! YOU guys don't even get to see my kitchen in all its mess glory. And no one really wants to see pictures of me cutting my fingers, flinging ham angrily across the room, or discovering that my cucumber went bad. And there's no way I'm showing off all my gray hairs!
So, since I'd need to dye my grays, I might as well get a cut, maybe a style too, eh? It's only been ten years five years a while since my last cut. I was due!
One of the moms in my MOMS Club happens to be a stylist working out of her home, which was right in my price range! So we met at the beauty supply store to find a shade to match my hair to cover the grays... where I made an impulse decision... what if... I... went RED? I've ALWAYS wanted to be a redhead, but the do-it-yourself in a box just never did the trick. And I've been too cheap to pay salon prices. But here I was paying for a dye-job anyway...
So I went for it!





Et voila! A new me!

Stay tuned for scenes from our family photo shoots!


  1. I think you look great with red hair. I went red a long time ago, in high school (a looooong time ago!) and I've been toying with the idea again. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Congrats on the cookbook and the new look! I wonder if your personality will change. Ruth Reichl wrote in Garlic and Sapphires about changing her costume and her hair to develop new personas for undercover restaurant reviewing, and how each new persona brought out different traits in her. It's a great thought, and a great book, you might enjoy it.


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