Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Quickie Hello Kitty

Tuesday, 4/10/12 - We haven't had any bento lunches lately, since last week was Spring Break at her drop-off preschool, and this week is Spring Break at her co-op preschool (they each follow a different district's schedule.) So I had more time between activities to just eat at home. And while I might have just made some anyway for fun, since Daddy was home all last week, I let him feed her!
I actually made this one as a snack, since we were going to a Nutrition Workshop for kids run by the Pacific Science Center after school. It doesn't have a lot of details, since I literally threw it together in one of our EasyLunchboxes just a few minutes before picking her up from school.
Hello Kitty Nutella sandwiches, mini cupcake, string cheese nibblets,
sugar snap peas and carrot flowers, strawberries
She had asked me to make a kitty-themed lunch the day before, but her Spring Break camp ran past lunchtime, so she ate a big snack there, then had a carrot at home, and then we went out to dinner with my mom for The Melting Pot's free cheese fondue to celebrate National Cheese Fondue Day (they ran it 4/9 - 4/12, with limited reservations. Check for it again next year!)
So to honor her previous kitty request, I decided to try my new Hello Kitty sandwich stampers (you can't really see the details, since I was in a hurry. Normally I place sprinkles or use food pens to accentuate the indents made by the stamper press.) I usually try to cut the bread out first, then spread the fillings on, which keeps my cutters clean. But I was in a hurry, so I just slapped on some Nutella and cut them out and pressed the imprint. Will need to toss the cutters into the little basket for washing baby bottle parts now.
The mini cupcake was from Target - I went in for some after-Easter clearance shopping. Got a dozen mini Easter cupcakes - still good for another week! Woot! (Also got a cookie cutter thing, some cute animal-shaped "eggs" that can be used as sauce or sprinkles containers, Disney and Spongebob treats boxes, and cupcake liners and picks - all at 30-50% off!)
I put the cheese nibblets in a Hello Kitty baking cup (turned inside-out so she could see the design) and used my V-blade to cut a few quick notches down the side of a carrot to make flowers. Sliced up some strawberries, and done!

She ate the cupcake and some strawberries on the way to the library (where the Nutrition Workshop was.) Since Daddy's out of town, I didn't bother with a "real" dinner, so just trotted her lunch back out after we got home. She ate everything but four little carrot flowers. And half of the eggplant that I was experimenting with. (More on that another post!)


  1. Looks pretty cute , can't even tell it was thrown together!

  2. As the school years trudges on, I find myself making more and more quickly lunches! Yours is cute!!

    Thanks for linking up to Thematic Thursday!

    Diana Rambles
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