Friday, April 20, 2012

Ladybug Bento Lunch

Thursday, 4/12/12 - Lunches to eat between Little Gym and preschool.

Ladybug bento
PBHoney sandwich, mozzarella and Colby Jack cheese cubes,
Skittles, braising mix lettuces with snap peas, strawberries
I've been itching to use my new Ladybug sandwich shaper, so whipped it out when I wanted to do a fancy-ish lunch in a hurry. Wooden/paper Ladybug pick came from a set at World Market.
She ate the ladybug portion of the sandwich, the Skittles, the strawberries, and most of the cheese.

Mama's Lunch:
Green and red leaf lettuce salad w/ carrots, purple cabbage scraps, and
cucumber strips. Cadbury Creme Egg, strawberries and pineapple,
Goldfish Crackers, mozzarella cheese bits, Russian dressing (under cheese.)
My lunch is nut-free. I decided to go for a more savory salad, so I added Goldfish for some crunch, and Russian dressing. I chopped up some mozzarella cheese scraps to sprinkle on as well.
To get the cucumber strips, I just used a peeler down the length of the cucumber. I did the whole cucumber that way, then stored the extras in a reusable container in the fridge.
Cadbury Creme Egg because, well... if I don't eat them now, I'll hoard them because they're only available for a short time, and then end up not eating them and discovering where I stashed them again NEXT Easter!

Fork and mini red muffin cup from Dollar Tree. Both lunches packed in our EasyLunchboxes.

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