Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Doin' The Bunny Hop! (Hop Hop Hop!)

Another fun themed bento Blog Hop! And you'll never guess the theme! Nope! Not in a million bazillion years! Well. Okay, maybe.
For my Easter/Spring-themed bento, I HAD to have a bunny. But I also wanted to do some kind of hatching chick. Waitaminnit... bunnies must hatch from eggs too, right? Since the Easter Bunny has so many...
Ham sandwich, mozzarella and American hatching bunny, gummy box
with sugar powder and jellybeans, carrot butterflies w/spinach, strawberries 
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Bunny Hop Lunch
It's Spring Break at our drop-off preschool, so no school this day. We didn't technically even need a bento, since I slept in we didn't go anywhere. But since I make healthier lunches this way, and she's been asking for a "beautiful lunch" for the past few days, I decided to go for it. I chose our EasyLunchboxes because we love them. And I was kind of in a hurry and didn't want to have to dig around in my bin with all the other bento boxes. Plus then trying to figure out how to get everything to fit.
I used a bunny cutter on a slice of plastic American cheese, and an egg cutter on mozzarella. Then I used a starburst cutter to make jags on the egg, but it could have easily been done by hand (for someone not prone to cutting oneself. Plus I had the starburst.) Yellow candy eyes and my food writer pens for the features.

When I made my home-made fruit juice gummies, I used my chocolate box mold to try to make gummy boxes. Success! I put a tiny flower on top from my flowers mold to jazz up the lid, and put jellybean "eggs" inside. The green stuff is flavored sugar powder from a Fun Dip-type valentine candy. The sugar 'dipping stick' is tucked below the sandwich.

For the strawberries, I just chopped the tops off most of them, but cut out a few using my mini tulip cutter and stuck bento leaf picks in the bottoms.
I wasn't sure how well my plastic mini butterfly cutter would work, but I've seen other people make cute little carrot butterflies. Turns out, it worked great!

She was very eager to start eating. She kept trying to pull herself up so she could see onto the cutting board while I was trying to take pictures. And kept bumping everything out of place! (Since we were going to be eating it at home, I didn't bother "gluing" anything down.)
She. Ate. The. Whole. Thing! Never before in the history of ever has she eaten every single bite!

Rainbow Salad
Since my husband does the dishes it's easier to wash one EasyLunchbox than a plate plus bowl, I served myself lunch in one too! And, quite frankly, they won't break if I drop one, which is more likely when trying to juggle a baby and a meal at the same time. Plus, because they're lighter, it's easier to balance one atop a pile of junk on my desk when I'm done hold one.
RED strawberries (and scraps,) ORANGE carrots (and scraps,) YELLOW carrots, GREEN spinach, and PURPLE carrots with almonds. Raspberry vinaigrette added later.
Mozzarella cheese scraps, apple slices with Biscoff spread.
BentOnBetterLunchesRainbow Connection link-up has motivated me to try and make at least one 'rainbow meal' every week... We could do a craft instead, but I don't feel like clearing off enough space at the table.

     garden cutters handle picks


  1. WOW! The gummy box is amazing! Love your lunch.

  2. Both lunches look great! Love the carrot butterflies. I wonder if John would actually eat them if they were fun like that ... hmmmm ...

  3. Love your chick! and the tulip strawberries and the carrot butterflies! :)

  4. love the sammie, love the butterflies, love the strawberries, AND your gummies! :)

    YAY for EATING. EVERY. BITE. too!!!!!! WOOHOO!

  5. I love the strawberry tulips! Very cute!

  6. Cute and pretty ,love your tulip flowerS and butterflies :)

  7. I love your gummy box, the cute hatching bunny and the strawberry flowers! Such a great lunch!

  8. So many little details! Love the strawberry flowers!

  9. I am in LOVE with your carrot butterflies :)

  10. gummy boxes? GENIUS! that is freakin amazing! You should show a tutorial sometime!

  11. Gummy box... *mind blown*

    Love the lunches, and thanks for linking to the Rainbow Connection!

  12. And I love how frank you are - so glad to know I am not the only one who has a cluttered table :)

  13. You are too funny, lady! I love the cute lunch, butterflies & the fun strawberries. And of course, the adorable munchkin pics don't hurt either :)

  14. I LOVE that gummy box, so cool! Everything looks so tasty and cute!

  15. Could that lunch be any cuter? What a fabulous Mommy you are! Thanks so much for sharing at Mom On Timeout!


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