Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hell Week 2: Revenge of the Lunch

Another busy activity-filled week... but that means more bento lunches!

11:30-12:30: Little Gym (to make up for the class we'd be missing Friday)
[lunch in the car]
1-1:45: Soccer camp

PBJ with fruit leather accent, chocolate coins, green beans, carrot coins;
Greek yogurt. raspberries, sprinkles (in container)
My lunch: PBJ, Ranch, broccoli, apples w/PB

10-?: Kids Cooking Class (Ice Cream in the park)
12-12:30: Swim class (if cooking class didn't take up too much time, which it didn't)
[Lunch in the car]

1-1:45: Soccer camp

5:15-6:15: Little Gym dance class
Top (Hers): carrot coins, string cheese nibblets;  black plum;
green beans, half an herb bagel w/cream cheese
Bottom (Mine): broccoli and green beans, Ranch; black plum;
everything bagel w/onion and chive cream cheese. Yum! 
She practically gobbled the entire lunch down.
Only left a few carrots and cheese nibblets
after she had to stop eating for Soccer camp!

11:15-12: Ballet class
[Lunch in the car]

1-4: Ballet camp (Peter Pan theme)
Made dinner. And I used actual ingredients! Not just a frozen dinner! [Although, to be fair, my "ingredients" were canned soup and refrigerator biscuits. But still...] That's two dinners in one week! Plus I made dinner (from scratch!) on Friday! I'm a rockstar!
Top (camp snack): bagel bits w/cream cheese and sprinkles, raspberries,
string cheese nibblets, carrot flowers
Bottom (shared lunch): PBH "Tinkerbelle" on top of my PBJ,
green beans, apples w/PB, carrot coins, Ranch

12-12:30: Swim class
[Lunch in the car]

1-1:45: Soccer camp
[Finished lunch, plus played in the playground at the soccer field.]

2:30-5: running last-minute errands for garage sale (had to buy poster board, wide black marker, get cash for change, etc. Plus a birthday present for a party on Sunday.)
Ham on a roll, PBJ, green beans, black plum, carrots and broccoli,
Baby Bell cheese on top of container of Ranch
I opted to pack a shared lunch since we had such a small window for eating, and since I was running late due to a lack of time-management skills. I made the ham on roll for her (since she usually goes for the most 'novel' item, and this was the first time using these rolls,) and PBJ with mango jelly for me. I packed the plum to share, and the green beans and maybe carrots for her (usually her favorites.) Broccoli and Ranch for me. Cheese was for her, and I used a small fish cutter on the wax (to represent swim class. Soccer was too hard a theme for a rushjob.)
Well. The little snake ate half of my PBJ, and all the ham out of the roll (I didn't put cheese on it since I didn't have time to bother with the slicer and scraping the mold off the outside.) She also ate all my broccoli and Ranch! And licked the container clean! When it was time for soccer and I asked her what parts I could eat, she handed me the top half of the roll and said to save the rest for her. [!!!] During a water break, she allowed me to eat the PBJ crust, her half-gnawed cheese, and some green beans. After camp, she said the plum was too sticky and juicy, and had me hand-feed it to her. And proceeded to eat it molecule... by... molecule. Seriously? I don't think she could have eaten any slower!

9-4: Garage Sale
I can't honestly recall if she even HAD a lunch... What a crazy day!

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  1. You are one busy lady! Be careful not to burn out my dear! You meals look wonderful, by the way!


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