Monday, August 29, 2011

WFLW - Dino-mite! Lunches

The final week of Summer camps at The Little Gym was a dinosaurs and dragons theme. So I thought it would be fun to do a dino theme with our lunches too!

For Monday, we had a Fizzy Fun activity in the morning, then my 20-week OB appointment in the afternoon, so I packed us lunches in our EasyLunchBoxes to eat in between.
Top (her lunch): see photo below
Bottom (my lunch): PBJ, ginger cookies, cheese scraps,
apples w/PB, broccoli w/Ranch
Her lunch: PBHoney "lunchosaurus," pistachios, broccoli (dino tree,) beans and carrots,
string cheese nibblets "dino eggs" and Colby Jack-i-raptors, apples
I used my new Dyno-Bytes cutter to make the brachiosaurus shaped peanut-butter-honey sandwiches. She was so excited about them that she ate one before we even left the house. So I suddenly had extra room, and added in the pistachios (dino rocks? Another nest of eggs? Your call.)
The green beans are from our garden (which is why there are so few! We've only seen, like, maybe 12 beans this year.) I had a few carrot flowers left over from the previous week, and tossed in a broccoli floret because they look like mini-trees. And she likes broccoli.
I used some leftover string cheese nibblets as "dinosaur eggs" to go with the two Colby-Jack cheese velociraptors. (I got the mini-dino cutter set from a kitchen store at a local outlet mall.)
We were low on fruits, so pretty much my only option was an apple, which she hasn't been eating lately. I sloshed it in some apple juice to prevent browning and put some in anyway.
She ate up all the apples! I was completely surprised there. She mostly played with the cheese-asauruses, other than a few nibbles. She ate all the pistachios and cheese "eggs." And the carrot flowers (which were mostly added in for color and variety. So she ate all 3. Whoop-de-doo.) I think she ate most of the (half) sandwich.

For Thursday we had our MOMS Club chapter's annual Little Athletes in the morning, then swim class, then the last day of Little Gym Summer camp. So an eatable-in-the-car lunch was required.
Top (my lunch): onion bagel w/cream cheese, cheese scraps,
broccoli w/Ranch (underneath,) apples w/PB
Bottom: see below
Her lunch: PBHosaurus, green beans, cheese balls,
cheese-osauruses, blueberries
I used a cookie cutter to make the Stegosaurus sandwiches and added a pink sugar eye for looks. [Pun intended.] I had originally chosen that cutter because it could fit two dinos per sandwich, plus I had a smaller one of the same dino for cheese. But someone toddled out to the kitchen early and wanted to start eating her lunch right. NOW. So I threw a sammie and cheese scraps, and finally some cheese puffs at her so I could finish up.
The green beans were left over from Monday's lunch (top of post) and I added some grocery store ones to fill it out. And I got a huge (seriously. HUGE) tub of cheese ball puffs from Target a while ago, since I love love love Planter's cheese balls, even though I can no longer find them anywhere. These ones are crap. But have to get rid of them somehow. And she likes them. So I thought it would be a nice treat to add in. Plus they filled up the space.
I used another dino from my mini cutter set for the Colby Jack cheese, and again made two. And I put in blueberries despite her assurances that she would not eat them. The last of the apples were for me! I LOVE apples and PB. So she got the only other fruit we had.
The cheese balls were the highlight of her day. She snarfed them all down. Every last crumb. She also ate the whole (half) sandwich (all while pretending to be the dino, shrieking about how his eye was popped off then eaten, then being eaten himself. It was kind of hilarious.) She also ate both of the cheese-osauruses (after having them dance around on her lunchbox and introduce themselves to each other.) And despite her complaints, she ate all of the blueberries.
After gym camp, I usually offer her the leftovers from her lunch, but this time there weren't really any! (just a few half-eaten green beans.) So she took half of my bagel and the cheese scraps, which I hadn't gotten around to eating yet.
She fell asleep on the drive home, bagel in hand.
I ate the rest of the bagel, after prying it away and wiping off the cream cheese stuck to her other hand!

Bento Lunch


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