Sunday, August 21, 2011

Week Lunches

Even though our week wasn't as hectic-looking on paper, I still needed to pack lunches four out of the five weekdays. And The only reason I didn't need one EVERY day was because I was babysitting at my sister's one day, and we skipped swim class and were able to reschedule Little Gym camp to a different day. I WOULD have needed a lunch for the race between those two, otherwise!
I chose EasyLunchBoxes for all our lunches, since they're the easiest for her to use in the car. And they fit enough food for a pregnant Momma. Without having to cut everything into fiddly little pieces to get them to fit into a traditional bento box.

Kids Science Class (my first one. I'll post about it later. Promise!) And while the park was offering free lunches for the kids, I still needed to pack food for myself. We ended up moving Little Gym camp to a different day, since she had just come down with a runny nose and cough and I wanted to give her body a chance to rest.
My lunch: Onion bagel w/cream cheese,
broccoli (w/Ranch underneath,) black plum
Her lunch (free through the Parks Dept and School District):
strawberry yogurt, blueberry muffin, cheese stick,
apricot, broccoli, chocolate milk
12-12:30 - swim class
lunch in the car
1:20-2:20 - my first prenatal massage. Ahhhhh.
5:15-6:15 - Little Gym Jazzy Bugs dance class
Top (mine): Ranch (in red cup,) onion bagel w/cream cheese
black plum, broccoli and carrot scraps
Bottom (hers): leftover blueberry muffin, PBH sharks, green beans,
Goldfish crackers, string cheese-opus, carrot fish, apricot
11:15-12 - Ballet class
lunch in the car
1-4 - Ballet Camp (Angelina Ballerina theme) [snack bento]
7-9 - MOMS Club board meeting
9-11 - drive out to my sister's
Top (ballet camp snack): green beans from garden, carrot flowers,
PBH flowers,  plum, string cheese nibblets
Bottom (shared): PBJ under PBH, gingersnaps, black plum,
carrot flowers w/Ranch
Babysat the girls, made a lunch (which was rejected. The older one only likes plain jam sandwiches, and the little one only PB,) then hung around until it was time to catch a ferry across the water to meet hubby after work and drive home

11:30-12:30 - Little Gym Funny Bugs (gymnastics class)
1-3 - Family Fun Day with parks department, including free lunch for the kids
3:30 - Dr appointment for Z to discuss her sleep problems. Diagnosis: Night terrors. Which I knew. Sigh.
My lunch: PBJ, broccoli and green beans
(Ranch underneath,) black plum
Her lunch (free through parks dept):
blueberries, celery and tomato,
turkey and cheese on bun, chocolate milk
You may have noticed that my sandwiches tend to be spreads, like PBJ or bagels with cream cheese. That's mainly because I hate touching food, especially meat, and you generally have to touch lunchmeats to get them out of the packages. Cheese isn't so bad, since it's not all slimy, but it still takes time to slice first, so when I'm running late (ie: daily) it's easier to just slap on some peanut butter. Plus we don't always have lunch meat lying around. Just when Unka Seesee is in a lunchmeat mood.
Ironic, isn't it? I don't like cooking (nor am I very good at it,) yet I do a Kids Cooking Class for my MOMS Club. I hate touching food, yet I try and make healthy meals for my kid. I really hope child number two doesn't break me of all desire to keep bothering to try and be a decent Mom. Although I wouldn't have to touch lunchmeats anymore...


  1. The lunches that were provided by park dept are in a tray looking similar to your EasyLunchBox! :) Would love to have an ELB myself btw.. ;)

    Hope you enjoyed your massage!

  2. The shark sandwiches are fabulous! PBH - peanut butter and ham? Or was that a typo? ;)

  3. PBH is peanut-butter-honey! :) She prefers that to PBJ, and the honey helps with her cough, which she had that week.


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