Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Since we've not been feeling rushed going between ballet class and ballet camp, for a moment I thought I could skip making lunch that morning, and just find a drive-thru. Then I remembered that she'd need a snack for ballet camp. Nuts. I decided I may as well make a healthy lunch too, durnit.
I had to hand-wash her Tinkerbell bento box (Disney Store, on clearance) since it was still in her bag from last week (ewwww) and I really wanted to use it again, since this week's camp theme was Peter Pan.
I decided to make the lunch reflect the theme a little as well, even though I was totally rushed that morning, after dicking around too long taking a much-needed break.
Top (ballet camp snack): Herb/cheese bagel w/cream cheese and sprinkles, raspberries
string cheese nibblets, carrot flowers.
Bottom (our shared lunch): PBH "Tinkerbelle" resting on a PBJ, green beans, apples w/PB, carrots w/Ranch
For our lunch I decided on a PBJ with my home-made rasp/blackberry freezer jam (I've been having mango a lot lately, and thought I'd change it up a bit!) She opted for a PB with honey. I used my fairy cookie cutter for hers. Something was wrong with the loaf of bread, and the top crust had all been smooshed off in the bag. I made the mistake of cutting both slices of bread together, which made the top one really weak, so I ended up having to flip the sandwich once I had put the spreads on.
The carrots are a mix of carrot flowers that didn't fit into her snack box, coins from Monday's pirate bento and the smaller ends which I didn't bother cutting into coins. I was really hoping she'd ignore them and go for the green beans, since I didn't want her all carrot-ed out by snack time.

For her snack, I still had half an herb/cheese bagel from her lunch the previous day, so I took half of that again and cut it into smaller bits and schmeared them with cream cheese. I had to take out the little half-compartment to make enough room. I used some 'Spring flowers' sprinkles to make it more fairy-like, even though they wouldn't fit taste-wise. It's not like she'd care. I tucked a few raspberries in the little space left behind, just to incorporate some fruit, since I was 99% sure she wouldn't eat the apples from the lunch [I was counting on it, in fact. They were for ME!]
I cut the carrots into flowers to go with the flower/fairy theme too. Plus she usually just gobbles them down if they're in flower shape.
I put the string cheese nibblets into a Tinkerbell cupcake liner turned inside-out (so she could see the design.) She was either super excited and wanted to clear out the liner so she could see it, or else it was just a cheese-eating day, since she ate all but one cheese nibblet. Lately she hasn't been eating much cheese.
Since the objective (aside from her having fun) is to get used to being without me for several hours and transitioning between activities, as well as listening to and relying upon teachers, I tried to hide out of sight as soon as she was ready to sit with the other campers. So the only picture I took was of her sitting down, examining her hand-stamps from the end of ballet class, waiting for the fun to start. But the teachers told me that she actually participated in the dance portion this time, so that was good.

Again this week I chose to pack a shared lunch in our EasyLunchBox since she doesn't usually eat as much; she looks forward to her snack and saves room in her tum. 
From the lunch, she ate her Tinkerbellwich, and maybe some green beans, and used her finger to eat most of my peanut butter. Snake!
From her snack, she ate all the bagel, all the nibblets (except one,) and some carrots. The raspberries were too mushy apparently, since she had dropped the bento before putting it in her bag at the beginning of camp, and then just tossed it into the bag after we put it back together again.

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  1. I can't believe you do these. These lunches are beautiful! (Isn't it a lot of work?) And good for you for avoiding Lunchables and other "fast" kid treats!


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