Saturday, August 6, 2011

Four Days of Bento! (aka: Hell Week)

This week was what I termed "Hell Week" in all my online posts. We were SO busy. Every day was practically full. And almost every day required a packed lunch, since most days had only a small window of time for eating said lunch, so even pulling into a drive-thru would have eaten too much of our precious time [pun totally intended!]

11-?: Z's dental check-up (no cavities. Yay!)
1-4: Little Gym "Paws, Fins and Feathers" camp
Top lunch (hers): Mini croissant w/ ham and cheese, half a PBH cut into fingers, 
Baby Bell cheese, green beans, Ranch, grapes.
Banana (for me.) Lower lunch (for me): Parmesan-garlic-herb pita chips, hummus, 
mini croissant w/ ham and cheese, broccoli, apple slices and crunchy PB.
She ate most of her food, leaving the cheese, some grapes, some beans, and some sandwich remnants.

10-11ish: MOMS Club monthly business meeting
12-12:30: Swim class
1-4: Little Gym "Paws, Fins and Feathers" camp
5:15-6:15 Little Gym "Jazzy Bugs" (tap/ballet/gymnastics class. I got a Groupon for a super-cheap 'extra' month, so we decided to try out the 3-year-olds dance class, along with her regular gym class, to see which she wants to continue doing the most.)
Top lunch (hers): carrot flowers, green beans, broccoli, ham and cheese pita,
day-before's uneaten cheese, Ranch, grapes.
Bottom lunch (mine): PBJ (mango jelly), leftover PBH from her breakfast, Ranch,
apples w/PB, broccoli and carrots
She ate some carrots, some grapes, and most of the meat and cheese from her sandwich. She ate the last of her PBH (packed with my lunch) as a snack after camp.

11:15-12: Ballet
1-4: Ballet Camp (Beauty and the Beast theme) Read more about that day and lunch here.
Camp snack: carrot flowers, green beans, grapes,
PBH scraps, Cheddar Bunnies, chocolate milk box
Shared lunch: PBJ (mango) under PBH ballerina and scraps,
grapes, broccoli, green beans, carrot flowers.

Thursday: (read more about this day and lunch here)
12-12:30: swim class
1-4: Little Gym "Paws, Fins and Feathers" camp
(me) 7-however late I could justify staying out (but probably only 9, when Starbucks closes): MOMS (unofficial) coffee night
Top (her lunch): string cheese nibblets, PBH
spinach with carrots, apples w/PB
Bottom (my lunch): PBJ, Ranch, grapes,
green beans, broccoli, carrots

Friday: (No lunch. Yay!)
11:30-12:30: Little Gym "Funny Bugs" (gymnastics)
12:30-1:30ish: Lunch at the Japanese buffet in the same shopping complex as Little Gym. She calls it "The Fish Egg Restaurant" since she loves the little colorful fish eggs on some of the sushi, and she *loves* salmon roe, which is usually only served at dinner time, and not always then. She has us find the fish-eggiest sushi we can and scrape the eggs off for her to eat. Since she looks forward to eating here after class and we didn't have a timeline to get to somewhere else in a hurry, I didn't pack a lunch.
After nap: KidsQuest Children's Museum in Bellevue (last day to get $30 off my membership from a Living Social deal I bought a while ago.)
I had planned on making a yummy dinner [I know, right? Me, cook?] but I couldn't find my wallet and wasted our prep time retracing my steps in the mall and asking if anyone had turned it in. No luck. My husband found it in the diaper bag later that night as I was calling my banks to cancel my cards. Whew!


  1. I'm DYING over the little sandwich dancer. Is that made w/a cookie cutter? WHERE did you get that!!??

  2. I either got the cutter off eBay, or else during's big cutter-and-candy-mold clearance sale. But Amazon has them, and my new favorite supplies place, might, but there's currently no picture.
    Z was totally in love with it too, once she realized what it was. I wish I'd had the time to use sprinkles or something to accent it.
    It could also easily be pared down into a gymnast as well, or used as a high-wire act for a circus-themed lunch

  3. This is really sweet! My kids love fun-shaped sandwiches too! Although, ours are shaped like spaceships from Star Wars most of the time. (Williams & Sonoma has some fun sandwich cutters... but I always wait until they go on sale!)

  4. I love how you've nurtured her mind in regard to food!

  5. Yummy. :) She will be a healthy eater her entire life thanks you introducing the healthy stuff to her at a young age!


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